FREE training and workshop places are being offered by specialist gambling support and education charities GamCare and YGAM, in support of this year’s Responsible Gambling Week, the national safer gambling awareness campaign, which takes place from November 7th– November 13th.

GamCare and YGAM both offer a range of training and workshops throughout the year as part of their education and youth outreach programmes. They are tailored to provide guidance on how to start conversations with young people who may be at risk. Both charities are supporting Responsible Gambling Week by offering these free training and workshop places to broaden the conversation about safer gambling. The programmes are designed to provide participants with:

  • The confidence to have honest conversations with young people about gambling
  • The knowledge to recognise the risk factors, signs, and symptoms of a gambling issue
  • The resources to advise where to seek help if they identify someone who needs it

GamCare is an independent national UK charity which provides information, advice and support for anyone affected by gambling in Scotland, England and Wales, in addition to which they also offer a range of training and manage the Safer Gambling Standard. Their youth specific outreach programme, BigDeal, that has educated more than 11,500 young people and 4,000 youth-facing professionals and parents on gambling related harms.

The Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) is a national charity with a social purpose to help young and vulnerable people make informed decisions and understand the consequences around gambling and gaming.

This is achieved through accredited education programmes and resources for anyone that works or cares for the young and/or vulnerable, including teachers, youth workers, community volunteers and mental health specialists. YGAM also works closely with universities and students to raise awareness of problematic gambling and gaming, across campus.

 Anna Hemmings, Chief Executive Officer at GamCare, said:

“Safer gambling is a key message for GamCare, which we hope to encourage in our RG Week sessions. Our youth-outreach programme, BigDeal, is dedicated to educating young people and youth-facing professionals about gambling related harm. Our work with young people encourages informed choices, understanding of risk and knowledge of where to get support. RG Week provides a platform to promote our existing work to a wider audience.”

Carly Boyt, Head of Marketing & Communications for YGAM, said:

“We have been running YGAM workshops for the past five years to help inform, educate and safeguard young people by providing information and resources around safer gambling. RG Week is a great opportunity to not only highlight YGAM’s workshops but for organisations and charities to come together to help amplify the messages around safer gambling.”

John Hagan, chairman of the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling, said:

“We are delighted that GamCare and YGAM are supporting Responsible Gambling Week by offering these important training and briefing sessions during the campaign.  Supporting conversations about what it means to gamble responsibly is central to the gambling industry’s approach all-year round, and during Responsible Gambling Week we are proud to work with the collective networks, venues and staff of all gambling sectors, and our digital channels, to provide resources, reach a wider audience, and raise awareness.”

Sessions in Manchester will be held on 13h November and can be booked here:


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