As part of Wonder Women 2016, Lancaster University’s Professor Sharon Rustonwill be speaking at the Portico about two radical women on the 9th March.
 The two subjects are Mary Wollstonecraft, feminist writer and author of Vindication of the Rights of Woman, generally considered the first book to articulate an idea of female equality.

 The second is her daughter, Mary Shelley, who 200 years ago wrote the terrifying ’tale of wonder’, Frankenstein. Join us to discover more about these pioneers of women’s liberation.
Professor Sharon Ruston’s main research interests are in the relations between the literature, science and medicine of the Romantic period, 1780-1820. She has recently been working on Mary Wollstonecraft’s interest in natural history, William Godwin’s interest in mesmerism, and Humphry Davy’s writings on the sublime; these form chapters in her most recent book, Creating Romanticism: Case Studies in the Literature, Science, and Medicine of the 1790s (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).

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