If you are still making your decision on the university to enroll in, consider one of those Manchester offers you. This large city, which is named a second-highest-ranked city in Britain apart from its capital, comprises over 24 higher education institutes. Quite an extensive selection, truth be told.

Consequently, scrolling through pages of universities of Manchester may be time-consuming and yet unproductive. Here is why a short and copious guide may be extremely helpful. 

Study Alternatives in Manchester 

Vibrant and cosmopolitan, Manchester became a perfect location for obtaining an education by both British and international students. It is one of the biggest multilingual cities in Western Europe, with about 200 spoken languages across the area. Along with linguistic diversity, Manchester embraces its multicultural nature and, like a friendly reminder prompts to uphold tolerance and respect for other cultures.  

Manchester offers several world-class universities, which honor its traditions and maintain cultural and sports activities. Apart from the educational amenities, the city hosts a variety of music festivals, sports events, and places to dance the night away. Manchester is a great spot to embark on a journey. It makes no difference whether you want to explore Great Britain or other corners of the world. With the airport that connects Manchester with over 200 destinations all over the world and an advanced system of express trains, you simply need to choose a place you’d like to visit and get a ticket. If you like how this sounds, read on to find out more about universities there.

University of Salford

This is a university with a great history that aspires to follow modern traditions in education and be the heart of creativity and learning. The University of Salford offers a vast number of courses for undergraduates and postgraduates, meaning that students get a great combination of theory and practice regardless of chosen specialty.

Why choose Salford:

  • It vigorously welcomes international students according to its current enrollment of 3000 foreign exchange students.
  • The university provides several study and campus facilities, constituting modern laboratories, digital studios, libraries, sports center, student store, and park zone.
  • The University of Salford conducts various events for students and staff.
  • It promotes partnerships with the UK and international organizations, which bring more opportunities for its students.

University of Bolton

It is a higher education institution, which boasts its teaching quality and experience its students obtain. For achievements in the field of teaching, the University of Bolton got a silver Teaching Excellence Framework award, which determines that Bolton students are in expert hands.

Advantages of being a student at the University of Bolton:

  • The university cares about students by providing accommodation in halls of residence or helps to search for smth private.
  • It creates opportunities for interaction among students in university societies and sports teams.
  • The university is multinational as well as the fourth part of its students come from ethnic minority communities.
  • There you can find a variety of programs, including international ones, which will suit your interests and needs.

University of Manchester 

The University of Manchester ranks among the thirty best universities in the world according to QS World University Rankings. Situated in the heart of the city, the university has an impressive history of ground-breaking research and a strong focus on humanities.

Reasons to study at the University of Manchester:

  • A prestigious status of this university guarantees that its graduates will be sought-after among potential employers around the world.
  • Here prevails the multicultural environment owing to the fact that its international community of learners hails from about 160 countries.
  • The university fosters collaboration with organizations and institutions across the globe, resulting in multiple benefits and exchange programs.
  • Students obtain support with placements and internships since the university cooperates and maintains contacts with major employers.

Manchester Metropolitan University

The university plays a significant part in shaping its students’ future along with academic contributions. It successfully incorporates a combination of a rich cultural heritage with a progressive approach, aspiring to disseminate learning, and support talented and passionate learners.

Benefits of studying at Manchester Metropolitan University:

  • The university encourages different extracurricular courses and activities, enabling its students to grow and develop in multiple fields.
  • It funds the Active Campus program, which gives access to free sports activities on campus.
  • The university provides individual support and group workshops for students with disabilities.
  • This institution guarantees to provide accommodation in the halls of residence to all full-time students.

Manchester School of Architecture

The school was founded as a result of the collaboration of the Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester. The solid privilege of Manchester School students is that they are registered at both institutions, signifying they have access to considerable resources and get an award from both universities.

Why become a student at Manchester School of Architecture:

  • Students get access to facilities and resources of two top Manchester universities.
  • It is located close to the city center encircled with the culture and arts of a vibrant city.
  • The institution establishes a stimulating and creativity-boosting study environment for future architects. 

Reminder for Undergraduates 

The institutions mentioned above are quite demanding and selective when it comes to choosing future candidates. Thus when you are done with cherry-picking the university of your dream, consider devoting enough time to proper preparation. Apart from the preparation of your documents, there are a few things to work on before enrolling at university that require a great deal of time, such as:

  • formulating a persuasive motivation letter or personal statement;
  • writing an admission essay;
  • providing writing or other samples (for some degree courses).

The quality of these things entirely depends on the amount of time and effort that you contribute to its creation, so writing them anyhow can exacerbate the situation. In this matter, take into account using an essay writing service to enhance your chances and facilitate your efforts. 

Manchester is a hotbed of opportunities, a cradle of diverse cultures, and a heart of scientific discoveries and artistic creations. This is a city where every student can find something to suit her or his taste and fulfill different talents and ideas. By choosing one of the universities in Manchester, you will feel safe being guided by experts.



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