As we are halfway through the first month of the new year, there are many household jobs that we all want to get done that might have been neglected for a while. Tidying up the garage, cleaning out the loft, and giving your home a thorough clean are just some tasks that we might have been putting off last year. When many of us are tied down with work, education, or childcare, it can be difficult to get household jobs done when we want them done. 

Many of us might seek advice online for quick and easy ways to tidy our homes from influencers such as Mrs Hinch and Marie Kondo. With a quick online search, there are many easy cleaning hacks available where we can use ingredients such as bicarbonate of soda, baking powder, and vinegar to help make our homes sparkle. As our kitchens can be one of the areas of our home that is the most trickiest to clean, here are just some useful tips that can help you keep your kitchen cleaner for longer. 

1. Choose the right products 

When you are picking out cleaning products for cleaning your kitchen, it is useful to consider which ones are best for the job. Sometimes, your kitchen cupboards might already have great ingredients in that you can use such as lemon juice, baking powder, and vinegar. If you are thinking about purchasing cleaning products instead, it is useful to see which ones might work best. 

If you’re sensitive to certain chemicals or scents, then it’s best to avoid them when you are cleaning your kitchen – it might be wise to choose an unscented product if you do not want an unpleasant smell. Whether you are dusting, cleaning up spills, or making surfaces sparkle, there are many different cleaning products that you can choose from. 

2. Start tidying as you cook 

Do you feel like cleaning your kitchen is a major job? Does it take you a long time to tidy up? If you’re spending a great deal of time cleaning up your kitchen, you may want to consider changing your cleaning habits. For example, rather than cleaning your kitchen once a week in one go, why not try tidying as you cook? This can be especially useful when you have spills, stains, or crumbs around your kitchen. 

Leaving mess for later might seem like a good idea at the time, but it just means that you have more to do later on. Instead, try to do a bit of cleaning every time you’re in the kitchen. When you’re waiting for a pot of water to boil, you could wipe down your appliances. If you are waiting for your dinner to cook, why not sweep your floors while you wait? If you clean whenever you’re in your kitchen, then it will always be tidy. 

3. Leave your cleaning solution to settle for a while

One of the main mistakes that we all make when cleaning are homes is rushing the job. Many of us may spray our kitchen worktops and wipe them with a cloth straight away. However, to ensure that you have properly cleaned your area it is best to leave the solution for five minutes so that it can settle in properly. 

This can be especially important when you are cleaning stainless steel, glass, or tiles in your kitchen as they might need a thorough clean. Leaving cleaning solutions to work their magic on your worktops, floors, and cabinets can help you to thoroughly clean up your kitchen ready for the rest of the year ahead. If you are set on making your kitchen look sparkling new, removing clutter and updating your tiles are just some useful top tips to make your kitchen look more luxurious this year. 

4. Clean from top to bottom 

When cleaning our kitchens, sometimes we all make the mistake of just cleaning whichever areas need it the most first. However, one useful tip that you might want to consider is to start cleaning the highest surfaces first. For example, you may want to use a duster to clean the upper kitchen cabinets. From there, you can move on to cleaning your counters and your sink. After that, you can clean the lower cabinets, and you can finish by cleaning your floor. 

If you start at the bottom, your floors may be dirtied again while you’re cleaning the rest of the kitchen. If you start at the top, you’ll be able to clean away any messes that you make while you’re cleaning. There are many ways to add elegance to your home, such as adding a splash of colour and adding statement lighting fixtures, but decluttering is definitely one of the main things that you should focus on in your kitchen and in the rest of your home. 


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