Mental health charity ‘Start Inspiring Minds’ is erecting a pop up drive in silent cinema to mark World Suicide Prevention Day, Thursday 10th September. The Vigil of Remembrance will provide support to those that have lost loved ones to suicide. The cinema will be created with social distancing in mind and there are measures in place for a no-contact experience.

Government guidance has stated that ‘suicide prevention at a time of pandemic should see communities providing support to those that are living alone and those bereaved by suicide’.

Through bringing together our community in a socially distanced public display of support we can ensure the feelings of isolation and loneliness are diminished and that access is provided to information that guides participants to extra support that will reduce suicide being an option for anyone. During the pandemic, limiting the physical access to funerals has had a massive impact on those not able to attend. Anecdotal experiences denoting that live streaming exacerbates the grief and increases the feelings of isolation and helplessness.

There will be increased demand for this year’s vigil as a response to the pandemic. The vigil will provide many with the first physical space to pay their respects to loved ones recently lost to suicide. The Vigil of Remembrance will have a massive positive bearing on those navigating their own personal journeys of grief.

Dennis Baldwin, from ‘Start Inspiring Minds’ stated “When a person dies, others offer empathy and compassion, but when its by suicide, there is stigma around that death, the loved ones of those lost to suicide are often treated differently, and become isolated. Sadly, the Pandemic has brought with it extra challenges with physical isolation exacerbating the grief of those with loved ones lost to suicide. They themselves can become at higher risk of suicide. This Vigil of Remembrance is about breaking though, putting a halt to this cycle of suicide that survivors face”.

“The Vigil of Remembrance will remember those that we have lost and demonstrate to those that have lost loved ones to suicide that the community is here for them with this demonstration of support. It contributes towards smashing the stigma that is associated with suicide in all its forms, and contributing to a community that enables people to discuss suicide and enable people to disclose when they are experiencing suicidal thoughts and ideas” Dennis added.

A pop up drive in Cinema is being erected with the vigil being projected onto a large screen, with wireless headsets being distributed. The wireless headsets will be cleaned with antibacterial disinfectant and sealed in bags for distribution. People will remain in their vehicles the entire time.

The vigil will be pre-recorded ensuring compliance to government social distancing measures for the performers and speakers. The Vigil of Remembrance will see speakers, poets, musicians with a roll of remembrance being read with a minute’s silence being observed.

The Vigil of Remembrance will see performance and appearances by Alison Moyet, Andy Burnham, Ben Akers, Bianca Alana, Freya Beer, HaIG, Jardel Rodrodrigues, Jess Kemp, Just Jack, Michael Roberts, Paul Dennett, Rebecca Long Bailey with more to be announced.

If you would like to have a loved one’s name added to the roll of remembrance which will be read at the vigil &/or carry a flag in the procession of remembrance please email:

Please join us with 7.30pm-gates open for 8.00pm Start, Thursday, 10th September, 2020, carpark behind Salford Civic Centre (off Partington Lane). Tickets:


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