A draft regeneration plan for Withington Village that sets out the vision and development opportunities will be presented to a meeting of Manchester Council’s executive ahead of full consultation on the proposals.

The draft plans include improving the public space outside the Library, developing a more pedestrian friendly environment on Copson Street and enhancing the public realm along Wilmslow Road

Plans also include the enhancement of gateways into the Village,improving walking and cycling routes to and around the area and restoring the heritage features in the Village.

Dave Payne , Chair of Withington Village Regeneration Partnership, said:

“There’s a huge amount of ambition in Withington to improve the neighbourhood and attract investment that will support local businesses – and with the community and private sector initiatives we know are already on stream it really feels like we are at the tipping point of regenerating the Village. We are lucky to have a really proactive community of people who are eager to work together and meet the potential of the Village – and it’s great to work with the Council to bring a plan forward that will help deliver the projects we have in mind.”


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