Manchester ranks as the second best city in the UK to get married in, just second behind London, Refinery29 reports. Boasting no shortage of official wedding venues, catering services, florists, hotels, Instagram geotags, and transport options, Manchester certainly offers everything you need for a perfect wedding. When planning your big day, you’ll need to find the right caterer, venue, and dress, and certainly won’t be disappointed with Machnester’s offerings.

Catering options

The Luncheonette in Greater Manchester offers a memorable fine dining experience for weddings both large and small. The menu will be tailored to suit your exact needs and tastes and the dishes crafted with only fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. So, whether you’re looking for a casual BBQ or extravagant three-course dinner, you’re in safe hands with the Luncheonette. Or, if you’re looking to inject a feeling of theater and grandeur into your big day, the Black Pearl Oyster Company in Albert Square can provide a unique, exciting guest experience. Dressed in tailor-made uniforms and Oyster belts complementing your dress code, the shuckers will professionally shuck and serve delicious, local Oysters to your guests.

Beautiful venues 

The Monastery Manchester is a beautiful, Grade II listed building perfect for weddings. The stunning Great Nave is able to accommodate 100-400 guests, while the elegant Cloisters and peaceful garden creates a memorable backdrop for wedding photos. Above all, the Monastery is brimming with character and old-time luxury and grandeur to make your big day truly special. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more unique venue, why not book Etihad Stadium? Although it may not be the first place you think of for weddings, such an unusual venue exudes a sense of excitement and sophistication. Etihad Stadium provides evening reception packages and wedding breakfast packages — all against the epic stadium backdrop.

Wedding dresses

The Case of the Curious Bride (3-7 Tatton Road) is a trendy boutique with a dress selection that covers most styles, including minimalist and boho. They even offer cake and champagne-fuelled tea party appointments to create a fun, relaxed dress shopping experience. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more runway chic, the White Closet Manchester (204 Burton Road, West Didsbury) has a stunning dress collection by top global designers. Appointments last for one and a half hours with separate appointments available for choosing accessories.

Manchester is one of the top UK cities for weddings. By finding the right local caterer, venue, and wedding dress, you can make your big day truly special.


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