With the Russia vs England game fast approaching and everyone getting into the football spirit ready for Euro 2016, Otto the Common Octopus, resident at SEA LIFE Manchester, has been putting her skills to the test and predicting the results of the England group games.
Three LEGO® blocks, one with the English flag, one a draw and another with the Russian flag, were placed in front of Otto so she could use her tentacles to wrap around the one she wanted to predict as the result. There was no indecisiveness on Otto’s part as she wrapped herself around the Russian LEGO® block to show the predictions for the victorious team.

Otto has not only be using her psychic powers to predict the first tournament but she has also been busy predicting all the England games, confidently using her tentacle to cast her vote for England’s win in the 16th June England vs Wales home countries game and England again for the England vs Slovakia tournament on 20th June!

Dan McLaughlan, Aquarium Curator at SEA LIFE Manchester comments: “After opening our Octopus Hideout exhibition this year, we remembered Paul the predicting Octopus from the 2010 World Cup who got every Germany game prediction correct!

“Otto has been so lively since she arrived, playing with things in her tank. She quickly got into the spirit and put her intelligence to the test, unfortunately predicting Russia’s win in the first game. Now we’ll just have to wait for the results on Saturday 11th June and see if she has psychic powers too.”


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