Manchester City Council has approved plans that will kickstart the £1.4bn regeneration of Mayfield.

The transformation of a derelict part of Manchester’s industrial heritage into a distinctive and imaginative mixed-use neighbourhood – centred on the city’s first new public park in more than 100 years – can now get underway.

The decision allows The Mayfield Partnership to start of one of the UK’s largest urban regeneration projects, which includes extensive public space; 319,900 sq ft of world-class commercial space across two buildings, The Poulton and The Republic; and a multi-storey car park.

In unanimously supporting the applications, Councillors praised the breadth of the public consultation and outreach to the local community during the process.


“This is a fantastic application for a great amenity and a development that will protect our city’s heritage too.

I must praise the consultation – you rarely see young people being involved to such a high level.”

(Cllr Jon-Connor Lyons, Committee member )

“Mayfield will be one of the UK’s defining urban developments this decade. These plans for the first phase bring together exceptional new workplaces with cultural space, centred on a beautifully landscaped park that will provide a transformative and sustainable public amenity for the people of Manchester long into the future.

From welcoming tens of thousands of visitors every week at one of the UK’s best new cultural venues – Depot Mayfield – to the range of enterprises that already call Mayfield home, this long-dormant area is already playing an active role in the city’s life once again.

When work begins this year, we will channel that energy into the soulful regeneration of Mayfield to create an inclusive, diverse, socially and economically productive neighbourhood which will attract businesses, residents and visitors, all drawn by the quality and vibrancy of the environment.

We are incredibly excited about its future as an imaginative and distinctive place in a globally significant city.”

(Richard Upton, Chief Development Officer at U+I)


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