A Manchester Iconic Pub , The Britons Protection is under threat.

The pub that sits on the corner of Great Bridgewater Street and Lower Mosley Street with a history that goes back over 200 years is under threat after Brewery subsidiary Star Pub & Bars under Parent company Heineken UK have opted not to renew the lease of the current owners.

This,say the owners, will have a massive impact on the offerings and running of which the Britons Protection has become known for over the decades.

The pub is a must visit site for their specialist whisky collection, boasting over 300 bottles; including their own unique offering of specially selected single barrel Jack Daniels  as well 8 rotating locally sourced cask ales on draught .

The landlord Allan Hudd and Owner Mark West have put 10 years of passion into maintaining what this Great British pub is all about and if lost it will fall into the abyss of generic gastro pub white washing that has befell so many others ,seeing the offerings whittle down to minimal portfolio that would no longer be able to support the local breweries or offer such a vast selection of whisky as is common place just now .

A petition has been started which at the moment has just over 1,000 signatures


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