In 1973 General Pinochet led a military coup in Chile. Foreigners, trade unionists and anti-Pinochet protesters were rounded up and taken to detention camps.

One such camp was the National Stadium in Santiago, where several detainees were tortured and executed.

Four years later, with Pinochet’s regime in place, the Scottish Football Association (SFA) arranged a friendly against Chile, which took place in the National Stadium on 15 June 1977.

As the World Cup kicks off in Brazil, Manchester’s People’s History Museum investigates investigates when the worlds of politics and sport have come together in a day long festival of talks, displays, object handling and political fun and games this Saturday.

Josh Butt looks at some of the pieces from the collection that pertain to events in Chile as well as talks on Dick, Kerr Ladies FC, a team of working class women from a Preston munitions factory, banned by the FA from playing on any affiliated ground in 1921.

There is also a pre-match’ analysis into how Brazil and the Rio De Janeiro 2016 Organising Committee aims to frame and use the Olympics to advance their political aspirations.

The presentation, which is underpinned by primary research, will explore the messages and language that intends to prove they are an emerging nation ready for a more influential position on a global stage.

Full details HERE

People’s History Museum
Spinningfields Left Bank
Saturday 14th June

Suggested donation £5


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