Renowned cityscape artist Neil Dawson will be making a guest appearance at a Manchester gallery in April to unveil a newly curated exhibition of his work, ‘Come Rain or Shine’.

Castle Fine Art, Manchester on Deansgate, will be welcoming the contemporary painter on Saturday 9th April 2016 between 1-4pm. He will present his much anticipated new limited edition pieces, alongside a range of rare original artworks created especially for this touring exhibition.

Originally from Essex, Dawson was drawn to creating art from a young age and went on to study the subject at Central Saint Martins College in London as an undergraduate. However, after he finished his course, he decided to pursue a career in banking, not picking up a paintbrush for many years.
Dawson rediscovered his passion for art after an extended period of travel – when he got home, he dusted off the palette and paints in an attempt to recapture some of the sights and experiences from his time abroad.

As one of today’s leading contemporary artists, Dawson is inspired by the urban environment. He is best known for his vibrant cityscapes that capture the energy of the modern world – his newest exhibition features scenes of bustling streets in New York and London, while his new limited edition pieces champion one of the UK’s most instantly recognisable institutions – the London taxi cab.
Dawson, who remains one of Castle Fine Arts’ top selling artists a decade after embarking on his career as a professional artist, said:

“I have always loved cities and find myself constantly drawn to their colour, vibrancy and energy – they are both infectious and consuming. They are full of intricate details and boldness, of light and dark and, most importantly, are constantly evolving.

“I love the work of the impressionist painters. The bright, vivid and complementary colours I use in my work is down to their influence.”

Nicholas Beese, Gallery Manager for Manchester’s Castle Fine Art – Washington Green Fine Art’s nationwide network of high street galleries – said:

“Neil is one of today’s foremost contemporary artists and has become synonymous with art that conjures up bright lights and big cities. Taking his inspiration from his travels far and wide, he has honed his process at capturing the vitality and frenzy of a city scene through a camera lens, and then translating it onto canvas.”


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