One in seven Brits almost always stay in to enjoy a drink, with over 55s most likely to skip the pub, new research from YouGov reveals.

The Getting in-home drinkers to go out report explores how breweries can motivate people to go out to the pub at a time when the rate of pub closures is growing.

The study shows that currently 15% of British adults primarily drink at home. The data also shows that older people are more likely than younger ones to skip the pub and stay on their sofas.

Among those who do their drinking at home, 45% are over-55, 8% are 18-24 and 10% are aged 25-34.

The data shows that in-home drinkers are more likely than average to be married women aged over 45 who are solely responsible for the weekly shop. Price drives in-home-drinkers’ shopping decisions with 86% saying that they always look out for special offers.

Not surprisingly, free time is precious to nine in ten (90%) in-home drinkers, and over eight in ten (82%) say they like to spend it relaxing. the same proportion (90%) say they don’t drink to get drunk, suggesting that they have alcohol as part of a good night rather than it being the main focus.

Nasra Aharchich of YouGov Reports: “Pubs currently face a variety of pressures – both economically and in terms of changing social habits. Pub operators, breweries and landlords may need to take creative approaches to get more punters through their doors. Any marketing activity pubs do needs to meet the priorities of those who currently do most of their drinking at home. A major part of this could be tailoring their offering to the often busy lifestyles of non-pub goers.”



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