Idealhouseshare, the property management company, is looking to make renter’s life across Manchester alot easier with a new property management platform

The app has been designed in conjunction with tenants (from) across the business’ properties to ensure it is useful and effective at helping renters to obtain a tenancy agreement and manage their property.

The platform will simplify the process by giving renters instant access to their tenancy agreement and documents such as the property GSR and EPC. In addition, it will also work with third party specialists to boost tenant’s credit scores whilst living in their rented properties.

It aims to make tenant’s life easier featuring information such as where the fuse box is located to when bin day is and should there be a problem at the house, it provides instant messaging to the maintenance team, ensuring any repairs are dealt with quickly. In addition, for added piece of mind, it also has optional functionality letting tenants know who is at home when out or arriving back home.

To make the tenants’ experience of living at the property even more enjoyable, Idealhouseshare also incentivise them to shop local by issuing offers and discounts through the app to shop at local businesses.

The development of the app and the unique care of tenants has helped Idealhouseshare recently win Lockdown Virtual Business of the Year award at the Greater Manchester Business Awards.

Kristian Sparrow MD of Idealhouseshare comments: “We understand tenants and want to make their time renting easy and fun, so we decided to work with a key group of our tenants to advise us on what features they would want that would make their lives easier. Having an alert reminding you it is bin day does make a difference.

Plus, via our app, we ensure we help tenants build up a good credit rating plus their agreements and all documents are there at a push of a button. We aim to continue working with our tenants to add even more features over the coming months.”

Idealhouseshare are based in West Didsbury and manage 60 properties across South Manchester.


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