Wellbeing business GoVidam,based in South Manchester, has launched an innovative way to support businesses as they seek to prioritise employee wellbeing. As people begin their return to the office – or adapt to a future of remote working – the app-based wellbeing platform will help to keep team camaraderie alive, while enabling personal growth.

GoVida champions a positive and proactive approach to workplace wellbeing and has already seen record levels of engagement – thanks in part to its incentive-based approach to self-care, and rich pool of wellbeing resources.

Employees can clock up daily steps, check-in at the gym, attend yoga classes, register for mindfulness sessions, learn a new language, and take part in any number of personal development activities to earn points. The app tracks activity, and points can be used against a catalogue of rewards – including: gift cards, charity donations, and enviable employee perks.

The app and its incentives are completely customisable and can be adapted to meet any organisation’s wellbeing objectives.

The NHS and holiday experts, On The Beach, both early adopters of GoVida, have reported 70% engagement from employees using the app – well above the industry standard.

A focus on balance and inclusion over pressure and penalties helps to keep motivation levels high, while GoVida’s straightforward interface and bespoke dashboard delivers the simplicity that HR teams crave. With real-time insights and anonymised data, employers can keep track of engagement, wellbeing, mood and energy levels across the board. As employees begin to return to the office now’s the perfect time to reinvigorate the bond between colleagues.

Some of the most exciting features of GoVida are those designed to bring teams together, such as weekly wellness challenges. A leader-board shows who’s actively participating in challenges, and injects some healthy competition and camaraderie back into the workplace; perfect for reigniting team spirit.

Chris Tomkinson, Founder and CEO of GoVida said: “We know that a focus on workplace wellbeing and employee mental health is critical to create more engaged and motivated teams. GoVida aims to deliver proactive mental wellbeing support and unite colleagues in a positive way. The platform allows businesses to simplify their wellbeing strategy by having everything in one place – from training courses and exercise sessions, to reward vouchers and charity donations.  The buy-in from the NHS is extremely heartening, and we’re looking forward to making a positive impact on workplaces around the country.”

GoVida is backed by some prominent investors, such as Ian Templeton, founding partner of BDO Manchester, and Alex Bentley & Neil Wright – both ex-leadership team at software company Blue Prism. With a fully managed onboarding process, and the functionality to embed existing EAPs, the application is easy to install and simple to operate across any organisation.

To find out more, or to book a free demo, visit the GoVida website.


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