The new species of Jelly Fish The Plasticus Bagichus has been especially re-cycled for SEA LIFE Manchester and is now on display.

The Plasticus Bagichus Jelly Fish display has been developed by the Manchester attraction as part of its conservation education programme.
The more commonly known plastic bag, has been nationally recognized as a threat to the environment and this includes the harm that plastic bags can cause to sea creatures such as Sea Turtles like SEA LIFE Manchester’s own resident turtle, Ernie.

In order to drive awareness of these dangers, the Manchester attraction has dedicated a tank to this fun and impressive display of plastic bags, which have been designed to look exactly like real life Jelly Fish.

The display has been created as part of a “Spooky Seas” event, where, everything is not what it seems under the dark, mysterious waters of the oceans, and where visitors to Sea Life Manchester will learn an important message; that in the sea, it is we humans who are the real monsters.

Jonathan Royle, Marketing Manager for Sea Life Manchester said: “Our guests have been amazed and inspired by our plastic Jelly Fish display and we are thrilled that we have been able to provide a fun experience for the school holidays whilst delivering key conservation messages, through our Spooky Seas event.”

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