Leaders of councils throughout the North of England have sent a joint letter to the Conservative leadership contenders urging them to commit to the delivery of HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail.

With the future prosperity of the region balanced on the successful implementation of an effective and forward-facing infrastructure strategy, any future leader of the Conservative Party, and therefore the Prime Minister, must be a strong advocate for communities in the North at such a crucial juncture.

Leaders of Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle City Councils have been joined by the Mayors of Greater Manchester and Liverpool, as well as many other Northern towns in making this statement.

Sir Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council said: “The next Prime Minister must take notice of so many of our colleagues across the North promoting this important issue.

“We know there is huge potential in the North that can be harnessed by the implementation of HS2 and NPR. What we now need is the firm commitment from central government to carry this through.

“This is a once in a generation opportunity for us which if successful, will secure the future economic prosperity of Northern communities. We must seize it with both hands.”


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