All this hand washing is absolutely fine and essential but my hands look like they belong to a 95-year-old woman. I’ve broken out in eczema and my fingernails are shot. I know that is the least of our worries but it’s just a bit annoying albeit a constant reminder that we need to stay on top of this virus or the consequences will be far more serious than broken skin.

The Sun was shining again – great for balcony girl reading her book – and at least my office space was nice and bright. I’ve had a very busy day at work but in a moment of gazing out of the window, I was kicking myself that I hadn’t thought ahead and bought some compost and bedding plants as our tiny patio is full of empty hanging baskets and very sad looking brightly coloured small buckets hanging on the fence.

I wonder if this is the sort of stuff that will still be available in Aldi’s middle aisle? Will I be allowed to buy it? If I don’t buy it will it go to waste? I wouldn’t have even thought of this line of questioning until I saw on the news that people are being moved on if they are sitting on benches and my parents had said their local beach is closed to cars.

It made me think that this really is serious and probably more serious than we first thought. I suppose the penny is dropping that when they say to stay indoors, they really do mean STAY INDOORS. I’m reasonably educated and do try to be a good citizen but even some of these nuances have passed me by.

On a much lighter note, I decided to try out my new skipping rope – YIPEE! I knew I wouldn’t be brilliant but I hadn’t realised how much hard work it was as this used to be a fun activity when I was little.

I managed 7 skips in a row without the rope getting tangled – pathetic, I know – but the rope definitely needs to be shortened. That’s a job for tomorrow so that I can get to my target of skipping like one of the boxers you see on the TV by the time all of this is over.

Exercise is going to be a real challenge during lockdown but it was great to see people doing their exercises on their balconies just by us, ably led by a very fit personal trainer shouting out instructions from the carpark. We might be in the midst of a crisis but there is absolutely no way I’m joining in any group activity thing with a load of gym bunnies.

Although my anxiety levels were low today, my irritation and frustration levels were very high. I cannot remember a time when my social media, email, text, everything everything everything was pinging with so many memes, jokes, messages and quizzes. To top it all, one of the things was from Sainsbury’s to tell me that, as a long-standing customer, there were now available slots for home delivery. As soon as I checked in they were all gone. I know that they should be going to more deserving people and I really do hope that they have, but, just AAARRRGGGHHH!

My List:  Skipping for 5 minutes – well, you’ve got to start somewhere!; watched some tv (it was so dull, I can’t even remember what it was); tidied a small pile of “stair basket” stuff; and read a chapter of The Power (I’m changing yesterday’s rating of “”OK” back to “Good” as it is picking up again).

My Parallel universe: Should have been doing a restaurant review at Rosa’s in town but hopefully I will be back there soon.

My lowlight: Hearing from one of my lovely NHS friends that a delivery of vital PPE had apparently been stolen from the distribution centre. My lowlight should have been finding out that I may not have work after April but, hey ho. It’s the ups and down of being self employed but thanks to the Chancellor, there’s a safety net for most of us.

As an update on yesterday’s lowlight, I may not be able to do anything about my hair for the next 12 weeks’ but I will be cutting my husband’s hair with some new hair clippers in approximately four weeks’ time. It will largely depend on how his grey Afro is getting on. I have never cut hair before and I am not sure who will be more scared – me or him!

My highlight: Bringing the bins back in the sunshine – deary me, has my life come to this.

My Anxiety levels: Low (I’m getting into the groove)

Bring it on, Day 4 – It’s Friday so I can have that long awaited vodka & slimline (tall glass, lots of ice please if you are reading this, lovely husband!) WOOHOO!


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