The remains of the Moors Murder victim Pauline Reade has been reburied in order to add remains kept by police for 30 years to her grave in Gorton Cemetery

Greater Manchester Police confirmed in a statement that the first known victim of the serial killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley who was killed in July 1963

“Pauline and the other Moors Murders victims are ever present in our minds and Greater Manchester Police will always do everything we can to support their relatives and honour their memory.”

GMP apologised to the Reade family in November when an audit revealed some of her remains were kept on its behalf at the University of Leeds.

Pauline’s body wasn’t found until twenty four years after her death when Brady admitted to the death.

Martin Bottomley, head of GMP’s Cold Case Unit said: “This is a deeply sensitive matter and understandably it has caused some upset with the family however, we felt contacting them was the right thing to do and we have given them a number of options, all of which GMP will pay for.

“The Moors Murders was one of the most evil acts that happened in this country in the 20th century and although those responsible were brought to justice, we will continue to provide support to the families of the victims in any way that we can.”


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