MILITARY personnel from the British Army have been training in mobile testing at Army Barracks iin Lincolnshire. Troops from the 102 Logistic Brigade and 16 Signal Regiment have been learning how to operate a Mobile Testing Unit (MTU) in preparation for rolling out the units on to public areas. The Units are setup to test the public for the COVID-19 virus. A series of stop and check points allow the personnel to hand over testing kits which are then handed back and tetsted for the virus.

Mobile testing units, operated by the Armed Forces, will travel around the UK to increase access to coronavirus testing the Government has announced today

The number of new mobile units is being scaled up after a successful pilot last week, which saw Department of Health and Social Care vehicles refitted to fully functioning testing sites, following a design developed by the Royal Engineers of the British Army.

Today, there are 8 existing mobile units carrying out tests across the country, including in Salisbury, Southport and Teesside.

Mobile facilities can be set up in under 20 minutes, allowing the testing of hundreds of people each day and are now travelling to those most in need and hard to reach. Specially trained Armed Forces personnel will collect swabs at the mobile sites, before they are sent to mega-labs for processing. Those tested will receive results within 48 hours.

Rapid expansion of a network of mobile test units is now underway, with new units being fielded in the coming weeks and at least 96 ready to be deployed by the start of May.

This follows the announcement last week that other frontline workers would join the priority list for coronavirus testing, alongside the existing commitment to make sure patients and NHS staff are tested for the virus.

New mobile sites will travel to frontline workers in places including care homes,police stations,prisons,benefits centres and fire and rescue services

Testing Minister Lord Bethell said:

Everyone who needs a coronavirus test should be able to have access to one. New mobile testing units will travel the country to provide vital frontline workers with tests so those testing negative to safely return to work.

We have built up capacity in the system with new testing facilities backed by Britain’s world-class scientists and industry partners. This means more workers can know if they have coronavirus if they have been demonstrating symptoms.

Testing is key in our battle against coronavirus. We now have the ability to provide more people with the certainty they need to get back to the front line when it is safe to do so.


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