Knowsley Safari in Merseyside might be closed to visitors because of lockdown but the meerkats are still getting egg-cited about Easter!

The Safari’s expert team of keepers regularly come-up with clever ways to keep the animals active and decided its mob of meerkats would like an Easter treat.

The meerkats have been having fun rolling and dribbling hens’ eggs around, hiding and hunting them and then finally cracking them for breakfast.

“Enrichment activities are really important for the animals, but even more so now the Safari is closed because of lockdown. Meerkats are very alert and curious animals and they’d usually enjoy the social aspect of families coming to visit them this Easter.

“Playing with the eggs is great mental and physical stimulation for them and the video provides visitors with a chance to still see how playful the meerkats are, even though we’re closed to the public.”

(Becky Hall, carnivore keeper at Knowsley Safari)

And although the Safari is closed, children can still find out more about the marvellous meerkats on Knowsley Safari’s new Home School Safari.

The free online hub has been launched to provide a helping hand to frazzled parents who have been homeschooling and are now trying to find ways to entertain children during a rather different, no days-out, Easter holidays.

Home School Safari features a whole host of fun and fascinating videos and fact sheets, which children can use to learn all about their favourite animals.

For further information about Knowsley Safari click here.


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