Masterchef finalist David Crichton has created four new contemporary and distinct flavours of his luxurious chocolate, following the recent launch of The Careless Collection.

Made from the most luxurious chocolate in the world, the four flavours are available to buy together in a new range, entitled The Black Collection.

The first new chocolate creation is a combination of Valrhona-spiced orange and thyme, while the second bar is flavoured with Guittard-pink peppercorn, mango and passion fruit. The third option contains Amedei-saffron, cardamom and pistachio cremino, and finally the fourth bar is flavoured with Michel Cluziel-toasted cream caramel, banana and malt.

As well as offering unique taste sensations, the chocolates are also visually stunning too. Presented in a stylish midnight blue and gold embossed box, each rich, glossy bar is topped with a contrasting burst of differently coloured chocolate.

The Black Collection is available to buy online here and is priced at £20 a box.

David Crichton, who lives in Stockport and is also a commercial pilot, made the final of Masterchef in 2018.

His first range of chocolate, The Careless Collection, was inspired by one of the tasks in the popular TV show where contestants were tasked with creating a dish for an idol. David took inspiration from George Michael’s song ‘Careless Whisper’ and Cadburys’ classic chocolate bar Wispa.

Commenting on his new collection David said, “Creating chocolate is both an art and a science, and because of my own taste palette I tend to experiment with very bold flavours.

“My first range, The Careless Collection, certainly got people talking as they just hadn’t experienced those types of colours, textures and flavours all together. With this new range, I wanted to push the boundaries further and create something even more luxurious. The Black Collection is very rich and indulgent, perfect for an after dinner treat.”


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