Premium steakhouse, Miller & Carter, with a site in Manchester, has been awarded the ‘Masters of Steak’ accreditation by the prestigious Craft Guild of Chefs for its dedication to serving quality steak.

Seen on restaurant menus from Tuesday 14th May, the respected accreditation recognises Miller & Carter adhere to ten dedicated claims of excellence in order to deliver the best steak experience. These include fully traceable meat, matured under professional supervision and hand-cut by award winning butchers.

The accreditation, which is reviewed annually, applies to all of Miller & Carter’s British & Irish steaks and can be withdrawn if they fail to meet any of its claims. Mystery dining will be conducted every month, along with an annual taste test by the Craft Guild of Chefs, in order to ensure the steak fits the marque’s requirements and most importantly, delivers on taste.

Andrew Green, MD of the Craft Guild of Chefs, commented: “We are excited to be working with Miller & Carter on its exceptional steak range. After having the chance to explore every aspect of these first-class steaks, from the way the cattle are reared, to how the steaks are butchered, aged and cooked to perfection, we have awarded them our ‘Masters of Steak’ accreditation. The steps the company takes is testament to its passion and devotion for offering guests an indulgent steak experience.”

Sue Walsh, Operations Director for Miller & Carter, said: “Receiving the ‘Masters of Steak’ accreditation is an incredible moment for us. Having our combined efforts recognised by the ultimate cheff-ing experts is something we’re very proud of. Everything we do amounts to delivering quality steak for our guests and we thoroughly hope the people of Manchester have the best experience possible.”

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