The parents of a young boy from Manchester, who has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), are celebrating today after being awarded a Personal Grant from the OneFamily Foundation, meaning their son can finally cycle alongside his friends. 

Dylan Hardyman, aged 11, suffers from coordination problems due his ASD, meaning he has been unable to learn how to ride a bike and so join his friends in outdoor play. Children with ASD frequently suffer with posture, coordination and motor planning problems; although Dylan’s father Alan has been trying to teach his son how to ride a bike, unfortunately it has proved too difficult for the youngster.


Fortunately, Dylan’s mum is a customer of OneFamily, a mutually-owned financial services company; she applied to the OneFamily Foundation for a Personal Grant and was thrilled to learn she had been successful. The money has been used to buy a pedal go-kart for Dylan and as a result, his cycling dreams have finally been realised.


Lynn Hardyman, 49, said: “Being able to ride a bike is a big part of childhood so for Dylan to be excluded from that been really hard on him. He has watched all of his friends master the skills of cycling but no matter how hard he’s tried, he’s not be able to join them.


“Now, thanks to the Personal Grant, we’ve been able to buy a pedal go-kart which is large enough for him to use from now until adulthood. Its four wheels and low centre of gravity means that he can experience all of the joy of pedalling around with his friends, and none of us need worry he’ll fall over and get injured. The OneFamily Foundation is truly wonderful.”


OneFamily is a financial mutual, providing products and services across investments such as Junior ISAs, savings, health and life insurance products to help families work together to meet the demands of modern life. As a customer-owned business it is run for the benefit of its members.

 The OneFamily Foundation redistributes a portion of the organisation’s profits, and aspires to make up to £5 million available to members over the next five years to help them, their families and their local communities. In 2015 alone OneFamily Foundation Personal Grants had given 467 people the equipment, time or knowledge they needed to improve their lives.

James Hale, customer engagement manager at OneFamily said: “We are delighted the Foundation has helped Dylan enjoy what is, for most, a fundamental part of childhood – riding around with your friends. We hope he enjoys many years of fun with his go-kart.” 


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