Manchester Wine School kicked off a wine education course for footballer Willy Caballero (ex-Manchester City goalkeeper) and Manchester City first team sports therapist, Massimo Simonetta, and soft tissue therapist, Mark Sertori, scoring them each a Level One pass.

The three footballing professionals were keen to learn more about wine, grape varieties, food and wine matching, and choosing and enjoying new wines so chose to sign up to the WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) Level One course with Manchester Wine School, with classes captained by Lisa Moreton, owner of the school.

As professionals in the football industry, they travel frequently and are often unable to drink alcohol due to training schedules and nutrition programmes but they are keen to make sure they make educated choices when they can enjoy a glass of wine.

The Level One course teaches students about matching food with wine, the seven principal grape varieties, storage and caring for wine, popular wine growing regions and involves a tasting session to analyse the taste, aroma, and appearance of wines. The course is perfect for anyone with a personal interest in wine, or working in the wine or hospitality industry, and provides an introduction to wine education, preparing students for levels two, three and four, if they wish to go on and learn more.

Willy, from Argentina, Massimo and Mark, looked into course providers in the region and chose the Manchester Wine School as Lisa brings a fun approach to learning and wants to break down barriers when it comes to drinking and enjoying wine.

Lisa says: “I was so excited when they approached me to deliver the course and agreed immediately as they all seemed so keen to learn more about wine. They travel a lot and eat out regularly in Manchester and abroad, so wanted to be able to make better wine choices when dining out or sharing wine with friends, family and colleagues, with a bit more knowledge about how to select wines to match food. They really had their eye on the ball and passed their Level One exams so congratulations to all of them.

“We’re finding people in Manchester are happy to spend a bit more on a decent bottle of wine these days and want to learn more to make sure they get good value for money, and choose a wine they are likely to enjoy and recommend.

“The WSET courses are also great for personal development for people from any industry or education level, whether you have a personal interest in wine, or perhaps if hospitality outlets want their staff to offer educated recommendations on wine choices.”

Willy says: “The course has been a great introduction to the world of wine and we are hoping to put some of our new knowledge into practice. The course goes right back to basics and Lisa explains things in an easy to understand, fun way, and she is so passionate about wine! We really enjoyed it and can’t wait to learn more on Level Two.”

The school also offers corporate and group wine tasting sessions, as well as sophisticated hen and stag parties, team building and networking sessions. To find out more about Manchester Wine School’s WSET courses, masterclasses and tasting sessions,


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