The co-founders of The Couture Club invited celebrities and brand ambassadors including Love Island’s Michael Griffiths to The Ivy  to mark the occasion.

Purchases made through the company’s new app are already beating those made through its website – according to Ross Worswick and Scott Shashua.

And they made the move in order to compete with their big-time competitors across the globe.

Scott said: “The launch of our app has been six months in the making and was an essential move for our business for a number of reasons.We feel it’s important to continue to stand out and elevate ourselves from the other independent brands that started out like us and used Instagram to grow.Unlike many of them we’ve taken those extra steps, like this one, to become a household brand.”

Adding that:

“The app will improve our customer’s experience because they will be able to navigate around it more quickly and more smoothly than the website.”

The Couture Club started out as a bedroom brand in 2015.While it was founded with an initial investment of £5,000, it now has three stores in Manchester, London and Newcastle and an ever-growing customer base.

Michael Griffiths was spotted in Couture clothing at the event, following his latest shoot for the brand, as part of the Michael x Couture deal he secured in the summer.

He said: “The Couture Club’s clothes allow you to express yourself, because you’ve got your dress-up and dress-down wear – you can be smart and casual at the same time.”

The Liverpool lad promises TV viewers will see a ‘completely different’ side to him when MTV’s EX On The Beach airs in January.

The 28-year-old filmed the series in Marbella in September this year, following his appearance on Love Island in the summer.

And while he says he was portrayed as a ‘negative arsehole’ on Love Island, the real Michael will shine through on Ex on the Beach.

He said: “In Love Island I was portrayed quite negatively, I was shown to be this person that I’m not.So people tend to think I’m a an arsehole, and I’m not.

“You’ll see a completely different side to me and I won’t come across as some kind of villain.In Ex on the Beach I’m a lot more open than I was on Love Island about how I’m feeling, and that’s hard for me because I’ve been a closed guy since I was a teenager.So for me to open up and tell someone how I feel and when something’s not right and explain why it’s not right, that’s a lot for me.”

Co-founder Ross Worswick said the company soft-launched the app first in order to let existing, registered customers play around with it for a week.

He said: “We wanted to be able to sort through any teething problems before fully launching the app to the public.But amazingly purchases through it had already overtaken ones made through the website.So we’re really excited to see where we can go with it.”

The company said creating a fast, easy-to-use app was the next step up from having a successful mobile site.

“A higher percentage of our customers buy from our mobile site as opposed to a desktop website anyway,” added Ross.

“And people are used to using apps when they buy from major brands, so this will help us to compete in the way we want to with those brands.We’re thankful to have seen enough growth over the years to do this.”

The Couture Club’s customers can get 30 per cent off their first in-app purchase when they download it.

The app is available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The company sells streetwear-style products to male and female customers ranging from teenagers to adults.


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