The superstar center-forward a priority for MUFC’s summer transfer, Haaland looks for £350.000 a week.

Romelu Lokaku left Manchester United back in 2019 with no long-term replacement put by the management so far, and that might change this summer. Solskjaer and Murtough, the new football director appointed this month, mutually agreed on setting eyes on Dortmund’s Erling Haaland to fill the long-term spot as the center-forward.

This is not the first attempt of Manchester United to enlist the 20 y.o. to the team, as they were beaten by Borussia Dortmund’s offer to Red Bull Salzburg last January. The fact that Solskjaer was the Molde’s manager back in the day when Haaland played for the team, the personal history between the two can contribute to the expected transfer this year. 

Haaland gives much credit to Solskjaer in terms of his career, both in handing the starting debut and giving much of his wisdom to then promising yet inexperienced 17-year-old.

Solskjaer Is a Striker and understands the Role Well

“Solskjaer and I have practiced together before that game [in Molde], tightening the finishing, and crossing. He told me, I remember, some principles about touch. The idea to not use so much power, to destroy the keeper or the goal itself was rather new to me. I remember I thought of doing just that, and the idea struck me, it stayed with me. Even though I hadn’t managed to score after some training in the beginning (laugh).

But he told me back then, to stay calm and yet to be on my toes to place myself in the right position predicting the movement of the coming ball. And what he taught me helped me score, he showed me how to look for that chance, to get out there and strike a goal. I am grateful to him for that, and I won’t forget it.”

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A Hefty Price Tag

Whether this might be enough for Manchester United is to see. Dortmund currently holds the price of £130 million and the Norwegian looks for a £350k per week wage. With the numbers set this high, Dortmund is aware that only a few clubs are able to afford their player. Teams such as Chelsea, Manchester City, Barcelona, and Real Madrid can and may express the desire to enlist Haaland in their teams.

Haaland has won the hearts of fans and critics around the world who dubbed him one among the most promising young players. He scored 14 goals in 11 Champions League matches, beating Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Currently at Dortmund, in 48 matches he achieved 47 goals. As the result of the player’s rapid improvement, the Dortmund-Haaland contract possesses a buyout clause at around £65mil, possibly active from next year. The financial problems within the club may force Dortmund to sell Haaland earlier.

In any case, a blissful career is smiling to Haaland and we can see many surprises regarding interests over transfer this summer. Manchester United is aware they will have a challenging competition, but still hope to see him play at the 110 year Old Trafford stadium and join many other stars in the stadium’s history books.


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