Do you have a business page on Instagram? How visible are your posts and contents? Instagram has become a hot cake for many businessmen and women as it has been confirmed that it is one large community where you come across various possible clients from all over the world. With the rate at which people are succession on Instagram, what can you do for your content reach to increase on Instagram?

Your content reach always give an account of the accounts that view your content, and it makes the rate of your content reach essential to track. This means when you create content for your Instagram page, it can only work if you have potential client’s viewing it. For instance, most people believe video content speaks more volume than writing a post. Thus, the more video views you have, the more Instagram considers your video post popular and viral, ranking it better, increasing the probability of reaching potential clients.

It is time to make good use of your Instagram handle, stop wasting your time and energy doing irrelevant things. Why not spend time trying to ensure your content reaches your target audience. But how can you increase your content reach? Every business wants their content to gain more visibility because that means more users will find you and build a business relationship with you. And gradually, they get to patronize you. 

 Instagram seems to be a more complicated platform because, except you are following a particular brand, you cannot see their post or comments, making it challenging for businesses to reach their target audience. But this shouldn’t be a setback because as challenging as Instagram is, there are ways in which you can increase your Instagram content reach. And to make things easier, relax and read further to discover how you can increase your content reach with ease. 

1. Ensure You Are Using the Right Hashtags

Do you know hashtags are important? They might seem irrelevant, but it is one important thing that determines your content reach’s increment. When you think of using hashtags to increase your reach on Instagram, ensure you are using the right and relevant hashtag because your clients get to reach your content through them quickly, and they can also help make your content known to other users. 

You can decide to combine any trending hashtag and your brand’s hashtag to capture your audience’s attention. Hashtags are of different types, which are trending hashtags, industry-specific, and general hashtags; incorporating these three will attract more potential client’s your way. 

But how do you get to find hashtags that are trending on Instagram? There’s something called a monitoring tool on social media, and it helps you locate popular hashtags on Instagram that will help you boost your content reach on Instagram. You can also get to see keywords that are related to your brand. Your content will surely reach a wider audience on Instagram when you use the right hashtags. To analyze how impactful your posts are on Instagram, you can check out the analytic metrics on Instagram. The most important metrics are your estimated Instagram reach, your interactions, comments, and likes. You also get to know if your clients are speaking well of your products or not. 

2. When Making a Post, Let Engagement be Your Goal

Getting views on Instagram has always been difficult, but if you can work your way to the top of your Instagram feed, your content reach will increase. Now, to make this possible, have it in mind that engagement is of utmost importance. You don’t need to make the same mistake other brands are making, focusing more on selling their product on Instagram. Indeed, your major goal on Instagram is to create awareness of your product, but this can only be achieved if you can ensure that your contents and posts on Instagram are engaging. If you want to capture your audience, you need to create engaging content. 

For instance, instead of just posting a product and going on about how good it is and how much it is worth, just go ahead and post two products. Ask your audience which they prefer, or ask them to drop a comment as to which is more beautiful. That way you get their attention and keep them engaged. 

If you can try this method just once, you will be marveled at how much discussions will go on in your comment section; that way, you have succeeded in getting your audience engaged and increasing your content reach. You also get to meet clients that will be ready to patronize you and give you positive feedback.

3. Be Time Conscious 

Whatever you do, be certain that time is always an essential factor. When it comes to increasing your content reach on Instagram, the number of comments and likes you receive immediately after you post content is of utmost importance. Once your engagement is very high, your post will be pushed higher in the Instagram feed. For this to be possible, you need to know the right time to strike. This should be quite easier if you have a business account. You only need to go through the Instagram Insights and check when your followers are more active, and then you will know when to strike.

That time you always get more active followers is the right time to post content because there is every possibility that you will have more views, likes and comments.

4. Instagram has a Social Side that You Must Explore

Aside from the fact that you want to sell your product or have a business account, Instagram is first a social site, so it has its social side that you also have to explore. You need to try as much as you can to interact with other users on Instagram to increase your content reach. Now, even with your busy schedule, you need to create time to do this daily. When you notice a follower has dropped a comment or asked you a certain question, you have to respond. The moment you disregard their question as not important, you lose many users. 

However, when you answer questions politely, thank your followers for liking and commenting on your posts, and try to get yourself engaged in other people’s posts. Sometimes, people get to drop comments that will help in creating awareness for your brand. Although you will also get negative comments, instead of attacking the person that dropped the negative comment, use it as an opportunity to learn more and gain more knowledge on how to go about promoting your brand better. Furthermore, when you respond to comments on time, you can prevent any impending disaster and treat any issue before it escalates. So asides from increasing your content reach by being social, you also get to avoid certain things.

5. Gather Contents that Have been Generated by Your Users

Some users love to post content generated by them. If you can gather them together, there’s every probability that your content reach will be increased. How? When you post content that is generated by users, you will build solid relationships with your followers, which means content reach increases. Thankfully, Instagram has made sharing Stories easier, so you can share with ease, and you are sure of increasing your content reach.

6. Make Good Use of Instagram Stories

As Instagram expands, install Stories are becoming more important. This feature gives you the chance to do so many things that will attract your users. You get the chance to put a face to your product posting its video on your Story. 

One good thing about an IG Story is that once a person goes online, even those who are not following you can get to see your Story if they follow someone who is also on your follower’s list. So if you have not started using Instagram Stories and want to increase your content reach, now is the right time to start using it. 

7. Make Use of Geolocations When Posting Content

Just as crucial as hashtags are, that’s how essential geolocations are also. How can you post a product without a location? Most people, after seeing your advert, the next thing they go to check is your geolocation. Once they find your location and it tallies with the location they need, then you just earned yourself a client. Therefore, your geolocation also matters a lot if you want to increase your content reach. 

8. Keep in Touch with Instagram Influencers

When it comes to Instagram followers, they can be referred to as your oil well. Because they will help you find your target audience, produce the right content, make your product and services look real and authentic before your audience, raise awareness for your brands, and help you generate leads for your brand. Now you see how important Instagram influencers are; they will help you increase your content reach tremendously.  

Try to collaborate with Instagram influencers, they have thousands of followers, and you are sure they will have your target audience among their followers. 

9. Use IGTV

IGTV is the latest trend on Instagram, and the more people use it, the more they get followers because anxious followers are ready to watch your short video clip till the end. Explain what your product or service is all about in your video clip; you must not do a serious video all the time. People want something mixed with fun and excitement while passing your message across to the audience. 

To ensure while you are posting your videos, it is passing a message to your audience in an exciting way; you will get more followers and increase your content reach on Instagram. If you notice your videos get more likes and comments, ensure you post more videos than write-ups.

10. Let Your Content be Simple and Straight to the Point

Last but not least, ensure your contents are very engaging and educating. There’s no need to beat around the bush, go straight to the point and hit the nail on the head. Let your users understand the message you are trying to pass across from the onset. It keeps your users glued to your page, and they will explore your other post, that way, your content reach will be increased.

Instagram is a gold mine for most businesses who know their way around it. When you notice most businesses doing giveaways on Instagram often, it’s because they are trying to get their followers’ attention, thereby increasing their content reach. Also, the tips listed in this article will enable you to increase your content reach. It is beneficial for your business if your content reach increases because it only means you have gotten more followers, which leads to more potential clients and more money, which keeps your business moving.


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