Manchester is one of the most visited cities among football fans. But it also attracts a lot of tourists interested in other areas like art, history, architecture, gastronomy or nightlife. It has the oldest and the first train station, third largest Chinatown in Europe, a huge collection of modern art and varied choice of restaurants and street food offering to clients cuisines from all over the world. It is cosmopolitan and full of life points where you have no chance to be bored.

Walking around Manchester you can get the feeling that during a small promenade you have been in different cities, which are not even on the same continent.

But what if you come there just for a short term, and don’t have enough time to explore the whole of it? We are ready to propose a few totally different places which in our humble opinion are worthy of your attention. 

The phoenix of Manchester

And we will start our tour from Manchester Cathedral which is for sure one of the oldest and most interesting historical and architectural objects here. It’s a kind of huge gothic church which was built in the middle ages in the period between the end of 15 and beginning of 16 centuries. Of course the church was reconstructed and rebuild for many times also after World War II, when damage recovery after bombs took more than 20 years. Last time the building was damaged by IRA`s bomb in 1996 which but also destroyed a part of historical archives. But obviously the cathedral still looks impressive. To feel the majesty of it fully, you should come inside. There is no need to be an expert to appreciate the beauty of the choirs of Manchester Cathedral; this is a kind of wooden carved lace that impresses you by fantasy and subtlety. Also worthy of attention in this church are stained glass windows, despite all of the original ones being destroyed, contemporary glass artists were able to fit their works into the gothic interior of the cathedral in an unsurpassed way. This made the building even more unique and interesting. The cathedral also keeps the Angel Stone, which dates back to 730 AD. And don’t forget to look up! 14 wooden figures of angels with gold-plated medieval musical instruments are located on the ceiling of the main nave. So if you want to see the phoenix from the architecture world, then come and join! 

But if you are already tired of historical property and just want to relax in a nice and comfortable place with some interesting but not annoying activities… Manchester city is ready for this too. 

Welcome to night life! 

“Manchester235” casino is one of the oldest in the city, but for sure, it’s number one in sense of service, drinks, interior and, of course, entertainment. It’s located in the historic Great Northern Warehouse, and they will offer you the best casino games like Poker, American Roulette, Blackjack, Punto Banco or if you prefer to play alone a great selection of Electronic Roulette.

There is also one award-winning restaurant, along with bars which have a lot of tasty food and gourmet cocktails. Also they have regular events to keep you entertained during your visit. “Manchester235” won an award of UK and Europe gaming operator of the year a few years in a row, from 2016 till 2019 so they definitely will not disappoint you. But if you don’t have a desire to go anywhere specifically in order to quench your passion, you can try to play now on book-of-dead.

In common with nature

But if you have an inspiration to enjoy nature or if you are tired from the noise of the city we recommend you to visit Fletchers Moss Botanical Garden. The main part of the garden dislocated under the stone wall, laid out by Robert Wood Williams, who was a well-known local magnate. He gifted his house and surrounding territory to expand the area of the garden in 1912. Few years later he sold his house in common with the garden to Fletcher Moss, who continued to develop it and made the garden look as we see it now. 

The garden has not only amazing landscapes; there are also nice tennis courts, rugby and football fields and a lot of small and calm cafes. You can see many rare plants there and, of course, enjoy the art of English gardening. Also you can walk around the surroundings of the garden and see some other historical places of Manchester, for example the City Library or St. James Church or fountains and monuments made in classical baroque style.  

This visit will bring you a lot of positive emotions, relaxation, and, for sure, you will have a lot of great photos after visiting.

We hope that you will like Manchester as much as we like it, and we will be really glad if this article helps you to plan your trip.


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