Yes the area that has been named the 13th trendiest in the world now has a Michelin star to boast about.

After more than forty years of waiting the Mana Restaurant on Blossom Street can celebrate what many think is the highest accolade in catering.

Led by ex-Noma chef Simon Martin opened at the end of 2018 it serves an ambitious tasting menu that can stretch to sixteen courses.

Simon describes his restaurant as alive, evolving and immersive, “but above all of this; mana is my canvas, my studio, and my home; for four days a week, I invite guests to join me here so that I can share my life’s work with them.”

The Guardian’s Grace Dent described each dish as a small art project saying

“Think 16 courses, and potentially more, but put aside three hours and £105 a head. Add to that spruce branches as cutlery, flower petals strewn about the place willy-nilly, natural wine flights, foraged stuff, ants, beeswax, picklings, dehydrated scallops, artichoke ice-cream, and cep broth in a cup as an amuse-bouche.”

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