Human Appeal, a humanitarian aid charity based in Greater Manchester, are currently on the ground in Mosul, Iraq as fighting between government and ISIS intensifies and the humanitarian need grows.

 Human Appeal are distributing humanitarian aid to the people in Mosul caught up in the violence. 

As the Iraqi army continues their offensive to retake the city from ISIS, up to a million are expected to be displaced. Throughout Iraq, over 3 million people have been displaced and over 10 million are in need of assistance.

Human Appeal have launched an emergency appeal to help them continue to distribute food, water, blankets and clothing – which will be in desperate need as military action escalates and winter draws in.

Othman Moqbel, the CEO of Human Appeal, said of the situation. “There is great uncertainty in Mosul, from the NGO communities on the ground and the people living there, on what the future holds. But we are fairly certain that more violence is inevitable and this will cause more and more people to flee the carnage and need a helping hand. Human Appeal will be there to offer a hand to all who need it.”

 “Human Appeal are doing all that we can to help the people of Mosul and are praying that a civilians are spared from the seemingly unavoidable destruction that is about to be befall the city.”

 “We aren’t just providing food and water, but blankets and clothes too; as winter, as well as violence, is approaching the city of Mosul from all sides and the people there are extremely vulnerable from both.”


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