Depending on where you live in Manchester, it could be fairly inexpensive – or very pricey – to run a car. You may be able to get away with cheaper running costs if you live in the suburbs and work close by, but for those who live or work close to or inside the city centre, the cost of car ownership can be astronomical. 

The good news is that no matter what category you fit into, there are plenty of ways to drive the cost of car ownership down for Mancunians. You could try:

1. Changing Your Postcode:

Ok, so it may not be feasible for everybody, but if you’re considering moving house in the future, then it can’t hurt to check the car insurance prices for the areas you are looking at to see what’s coming up the cheapest. Areas like Gorton or Salford might be convenient when it comes to the proximity to the city centre, but sadly these areas are also more prone to car theft than others, leaving you with a hefty increase on your car insurance policy. 

2. Walking to Work:

Ask yourself; do you really need to drive to work? If you live close enough to walk or cycle, then it might be worth considering getting to your job this way instead – not only is it cheaper than driving, you’ll also be getting some great exercise, and it’s much kinder to the environment. If it’s too far to walk or cycle, then you could consider public transport instead. There are great bus, train and tram links throughout Greater Manchester to consider, with a weekly or monthly pass costing a fraction of what you’d pay in petrol. Plus, car insurance can often go down drastically if you don’t need to be insured for commuting. 

3. Leasing Your Car:

If you want to take advantage of getting a brand-new car at an affordable price, then leasing could be the best option for you. Compared to getting a car on finance, leasing means that you’re never really losing out as once your lease is up, you can simply swap your car for a brand new one and drive away. While leasing does mean that you won’t be the registered owner of the car, it’s definitely a small sacrifice to make if you’re looking for peace of mind and value for money. Plus, many lease deals include insurance, breakdown and maintenance – keeping the cost condensed into one handy singular payment. Vantage leasing are car leasing specialists based in Manchester who can help you find the right car and lease option for you if you’re interested in this option.  

4. Shopping Around:

And finally, don’t forget to shop around when it comes to getting necessary services for your car. With car insurance price hikes hitting Manchester harder than many other cities in the UK, it’s never been more important to shop around for your renewal, which can often lead to hundreds of pounds’ worth of savings compared to renewing with your current provider. There are plenty of options for breakdown cover, and local, affordable garages to choose from in Manchester, too – so shop around and you may be pleasantly surprised at just how much you can save. 

Running a car in Manchester isn’t always cheap. But thankfully, there are plenty of steps to take to drive the cost of car ownership down in this awesome city.


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