Around 45% of consumers are now actively interested in buying products that are better for the environment, with four out of ten keeping environmental issues in mind when purchasing.

New drinks coming into the market are being created to resonate with those seeking to project a sense of self and are exercising their power and voice through the brands they buy.

With brands pushing boundaries and presenting bartenders with what they need to raise standards, the message ‘little steps make a big difference’ has never been more fitting when it comes to in-venue action.

With Earth Day just around the corner on 22nd April, we chat to Becky Davies at Ten Locks, and well-respected Manchester bartenders, to get their top tips on how to boost the environmental credentials in venue, and what to serve to woo conscious consumers.

Top tips to getting sustainability on the agenda in your venue  

1. Appoint an eco-officer in chief  

Have a dedicated point person and ensure the whole team knows about their role and its importance. The trade is bursting with natural born leaders, self-starters and proactive people who care about their work, so inspire one team member to take charge of easily implemented actions and rallying the troops. Overtime, small acts will become part of the everyday for all team members… and then you can up your game! – Becky Davies.   

2. Back the right brands 

I’ve seen first-hand how bars hunt out incredible spirits and craft brands with real authenticity. Many are going a step further, and sourcing brands that are actively considering their impact to the environment via sustainable working or production practices or giving back to a charity.

The gold standard here is those with the rare status of B Corp – such as Applewood Gin – or companies paying back into the community such as New World Trading. The company’s Good Egg Society is a collective of brilliant humans who help support, look after and fundraise for local and national charities. Getting behind those that are taking strides forward is an easy way to create to a better drinks industry. – Becky Davies.

3. Education is king   

Have a hard look at your range and drinks menus and question if simple edits can make a difference to your bottom line and environmental footprint. Start by having one amazing brand on a pedestal – get everyone behind it and excited about it. With the right education around why it’s so special, you’ll empower your team to sell brands that truly matter. – Becky Davies.

4. The right stuff   

Invest in a dehydrator. They’re a relatively cheap piece of equipment that can help to reuse ingredients, whether it aids in making a garnish or drying out a ‘waste’ product from an infusion to be used again. It also fuels creativity – sometimes we just dehydrate ‘waste’ products to see what they can be reused for. – Johnathan Moncur, bartender at Manchester’s Speak in Code.

5. A zero waste mindset    

Place a zero waste mindset at the heart of your drinks creation. I always aim to repurpose ingredients from behind the bar and seek to use all elements of it rather than it going to waste. – Rachel Orange, bartender at Schofield’s Bar, Manchester.

Two serves to save the day  

Earth Day serve by Johnathan Moncur, bartender at Manchester’s Speak in Code*


  • 60ml Applewood Coral Gin & 10ml dry vermouth (coconut oil fatwashed) 
  • 10ml fennel & jasmine cordial 


Stir, serve on block ice and garnish with coconut meringue and coconut sealife jellies 

What’s good about it 

Moncur says, “Everything usable had a use; the water is made into a sweet jelly garnish, the flesh is blended with a small amount of water to make coconut milk before being filtered and left at room temp for 24 to 36 hours in a fridge so the curds and oil separate from the milk, then the oil is used to fat wash the Coral Gin and vermouth.

“Leftover milk and the flesh is then heated in a sous vide cooker for two hours on a low heat to extract all remaining flavour before being turned into a 2:1 syrup which is used to make the meringue.

“So from one single coconut there’s water, oil and syrup (with the syrup benefitting from a longer shelf life too).

“I wanted the gin to shine with all its tropical flavours, so it doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. It’s punchy, fragrant and smooth all at the same time.”

*Created by Johnathan for Earth Day only, and not for sale in venue.  

Earth Day serve by Rachel Orange, Head Bartender at Schofield’s Bar * 

Core ingredients  

  • 30ml Applewood Gin 
  • 15ml SCHOFIELD’S Dry Vermouth  
  • 10ml champagne & thyme cordial top tonic 
  • Sprig of thyme   

Champagne & thyme cordial ingredients  

  • 200ml flat Champagne  
  • 100ml caster sugar 
  • 1 lemon 
  • 1 sprig of thyme 


1. Pour the Champagne into a pan and bring to a simmer, add sugar and stir until dissolved 

2. Turn off the heat, add thyme sprig and cover the pan with a lid 

3. Allow to cool completely. Once cool squeeze in the juice of one lemon 

4. Mix and bottle 

 What’s good about it 

“It’s created with repurposing at heart. I took some champagne that had gone flat, and used it for the cordial. You still get the champagne flavour coming through, and you’ve simultaneously minimised wastage.  

 “You can make some really incredible ingredients, such as syrups, cordials, or even sorbet by adopting this mindset. They’re super easy to make, you get great flavours, and you’re doing your bit to reduce waste.   

*Created by Rachel for Earth Day only, and not for sale in venue.  

Five things to do right now in your venue right now  

  1. Develop a sustainable cocktail list that is more in harmony with nature and the seasons, where possible, and using all elements of core ingredients to their full potential
  2. Source produce from the local grocer to pay back into a local economy
  3. Look at everything with a zero-waste mindset; repurpose, reuse and put less in the bin
  4. Eliminate single use plastics – replacing pens with pencils is a no brainer
  5. Embrace technology and go paperless – you’ll be more efficient and use less paper

To read more about the Ten Locks portfolio and its range of purpose led drinks click here.


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