A kaleidoscopic design from a Manchester artist will help households across the country to commemorate their time spent at home during lockdown.

Chava Erlanger’s Perspex bird – featuring the ubiquitous rainbow of hope – is a strikingly cheerful and poignant piece of wall art.

The artist – whose previous work is on permanent display at Imperial War Museum North – hopes sales of the new piece will raise vital funds for the NHS.

Inspired by the most kitsch of British décor, three ceramic ducks flying across a wall, the artwork captures the hopeful side of the British public’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

With a nod to the symbolic dove of peace, sent from the ark by Noah to bring back news that the floods had ended, the 30cm motif cuts a vibrant and joyful reminder of an extraordinary period of modern history.

As families begin moving tentatively away from the safety of home in the coming months, many will strive to keep hold of the lessons learnt in 2020 and a time spent living much more simply.

Artist Chava Erlanger has been shielding at home for months to protect the health of her son. She says, ‘For many, lockdown has been a time of reflection. So many of us plan to make changes to our lives, to be happier, healthier, closer to loved ones and more engaged in our communities. There are lots of positives to take from this time, and my artwork is reflective of these hopeful intentions.’

Chava grew up in Israel during the Gulf War. As a fine artist, she uses art as a tool to help those going through traumatic life events.

‘Through my work, I examine the human response to disaster, both good and bad. We have collectively, globally, been through a trauma. Personally, I have been contemplating my own family history – the loss of my freedom of movement leading me to reflect on my grandmother’s experience during the holocaust, which she survived. I am interested in the way we move from darkness to light.

‘This piece focuses on the brighter side of our recent experience; the kindness and goodness of people, and the ways we come together to strengthen each other. As restrictions ease, I hope that we’ll continue to think of each other and the need for continued focus to keep each other safe. My aim is to bring that feeling of hope and togetherness into our homes permanently.’

Chava’s artwork is priced at £45 and is available to buy from chavaerlanger.com/online-store. Chava will also be taking commissions for spectacular LED versions of the piece, which will measure 1m x 60cm. Only five limited edition LED birds will be produced, and will be priced at £5,000, with 10 per cent of profit also donated to the NHS.


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