Artist and author Richard Milward will be exhibiting the latest painting in his ‘Luddites’ Nightmares’ series, ‘TV Interference’, at the Working Class Movement Library in April.
The painting is based around the idea that today ‘technology is in the saddle and rides humankind’ (Kirkpatrick Sale, Rebels Against The Future), as well as the potentially disruptive influence of mass media on the general public. Large TV-headed jockeys ride naked humans around a desert dystopia with ridiculous right-wing insignia on their cowboy hats… 

Taking inspiration from the machine-breaking Luddites of the early 19th century, Richard is producing ten surrealistic paintings (‘Luddites’ Nightmares’) that aim to expose, exaggerate and ridicule the ways modern technology encroaches on – and distorts – everyday life. Each painting will focus on a different uncanny ‘nightmare’ set in a not-too-distant future. Scenarios range from the future of national healthcare to the internet’s distorting looking-glass, TV’s grip on humanity, the lunatic deadlock of nuclear deterrents, the plastic air-brushed stage-managed absurdity of online pornography…

The paintings are being exhibited individually at a series of events this Spring/Summer (with readings from other contemporary authors on the technology theme) in what was the ‘Luddite Triangle’ where the original revolts took place 200 years ago: Lancashire/Cheshire to Yorkshire to Nottinghamshire/Leicestershire.

‘TV Interference’ can be viewed at the Library between 20 and 27 April, Tuesdays-Fridays 10am-5pm.


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