Even though I had an awful night’s sleep again, I feel much much calmer today which is great. The weekend is nearly here, again. YIPEE!

Hopeful that the scales were still weighing light today, I was pleased and thankfully I’ve lost 2 lb this week.

Our breakfast jibber jabber was about trying to figure out a longer walk without bumping into anyone and deciding if we are doing our chores this evening or another day. It’s pure rock ‘n’ roll in our house, I can tell you!

Keeping up with my current theme of wearing my most fabulous clothes to the working from home office, I went for my yellow maxi dress with tortoise shell effect belt and my super cool trainers.

It was definitely working, making me feel much better and gave me a palpable spring in my step. Plus it was reminding me of happier times as the last time I wore it was on the flight back from Las Vegas celebrating my 50th last October. That was such an amazing trip and I knocked several things off my bucket list in those few days.

Reflecting on yesterday, I know I only work in an office – it looks like I’ll be kept in for another couple of months which is a relief – and it’s obviously not life and death like some jobs but after a very difficult and intense week, I just wanted to chill. My head was full and it was buzzing. Unfortunately, we decided the best thing to do would be to do the chores straight away to keep the weekend free – boo hiss!

As I was secretly grumbling in my head about all the extra hours I had done that week and was already knackered, Dave surprised me with an incredibly romantic gesture. He announced he was going to do everything so all I needed to do was sit down and relax. I really couldn’t have loved him any more than I did at that moment in time. Just over an hour later, we were both chilling on the sofa and it was simply marvellous.

When I am a bit tiddly, I do try and pretend that I’m not, as I have confessed before. What I did this evening was sort out the breakfast tray knowing that it was my turn to do tea coffee and breakfast. See, always planning ahead!

My Parallel Universe:  I’d have been flying home today to have a very similar evening to the one we actually had.

My List: I caught up with Mistresses then we both binged on Modern family, a repeat of The Inbetweeners (it still makes us howl with laughter even though we’ve seen it many times before) and the amusing Friday night dinner. We finished the evening with a sing song to Peter Kaye’s hymns with a modern twist. I must have been a bit tiddly as I thought I was good!

My Lowlight: Oh crap – you know the mismatched set of glasses I mentioned yesterday, I accidentally ordered another six from a different supplier. They were much much cheaper and hopefully they will be the same size or else I will have three sets of mis-matching glasses and then I will not know what to do. Oopsy, I also bought two sun loungers but they’re not arriving until June – just in time for when I’m furloughed so a very happy coincidence. Unfortunately, when I was having a whinge to one of my friends in the week, she reminded me that I was helping to keep the economy going and I think I have somewhat taken this to heart.

My Highlight: My girlie holiday to St Lucia has been rescheduled from June this year to March 2021. At last, something to look forward to.

My Anxiety Level:  Medium and shattered.


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