It’s been another good but incredibly busy week in work and I even got a bit giddy, on the verge of what is affectionately known in our house as “dicking about”, by Friday as I was having lots of fun and my meeting the big cheese on Tuesday went ok. Well, I’ve not been sacked yet, so that’s what I mean by ok!

There is talk of the government increasing corporation tax to 24% to help to repay the Covid-chasm so may be staying in a permanent role might not be such a bad idea after all. I’m sure it will all work out in the end. I even lost 2 pounds into the bargain this week so if this is the new normal, I’ll take it, thank you very much universe.

My oestrogen levels have clearly been flat lining again as I’m having a “devoid of sympathy” week again. I’ve still got absolutely no sympathy for people who have booked late holidays only to either have them cancelled or need to go into isolation but I am now going to add Scottish people whining about the differences between the rules to this list too.

They really cannot have it both ways but it did make me yell at the telly-box a bit listening to the nonsense of how unfair it all is to have to come back early as they can’t take an additional 2 weeks off work. If it was that much of a problem, may be staying at home was the better option.

I know the news will find somebody who agrees, another who disagrees and the sitting on the fence numpty-dumpty but this was a step too far. To quote my mum, “When it suits, Scotland, when it suits!”

I had another missed call from my hairdresser and it wasn’t as catastrophic as the first one when my roots were 3 inches long and I missed my slot but I’d completely forgotten to book in any more appointments. In the salon, I am known for my organisational skills and they laugh at the fact I have all my appointments booked in for the whole year. Now, that is what I call customer service reminding me!

It was actual first day back at school for many children and social media was covered with cutsie photographs galore of very clean and tidy looking small people. Not having children, it’s never been a day that has particularly upset me, unlike other days involving Christmas and Mother’s Day, but I know it is difficult for some people. My heart really did go out to people I know reading some of the alternative posts I saw on Facebook.

People who say you can’t miss what you’ve never had just don’t really get what it’s like to watch family life from the side lines. Yes, we take great delight in your happiness and have listened to all your stories about Izzy & Jack passing their grade 8 piano at the tender age of 6 without you even thinking about the impact it is having on us.

Be warned that when it’s your turn to struggle with your own empty nest, we get it more than you’ve ever even thought of but we probably won’t be available for tea and sympathy as we’ll be busy with out own lives that we have built while you didn’t even notice.

Goodness me, that does sound a little sad and melodramatic but that’s been bubbling around in my head for many years and it is so cathartic to say it out loud. Sorry, but, as I have said before, it is my diary after all!

My list: I ordered the stickers I mentioned last week and they were rubbish but at least my scrap-booking is finally finished and, even if I say so myself, I’ve made a good job of it. The Crown is coming along nicely and we’ve thrown in a few episodes of Ozark for good measure. The weather has been bit rubbish so what else is a girl to do.

My lowlight: I ran out of Rhubarb vodka. That’s not a bad lowlight, is it!

My highlight: Last October when I was 50, Dave gave me some money to buy something lovely on holiday in the States. Everything was so expensive and, when I came home, there really wasn’t anything that I wanted and then we went into lockdown. It’s coming up to my birthday again and that money is still in the bank. Why is this my highlight? Well, I’m interpreting it as I’m finally growing up as it hasn’t burned a hole in my pocket. It’s clearly taken quite a while! I’m not sure if it is a blip or a real turning point but only time will tell.

Week 24 was a good one and long may this last. Winter is coming and that also means Christmas is on the way – YIPEE!!


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