It feels like a Saturday and that’s because it is Bank Holiday Monday week with the random Bank Holiday Friday. How confusing – it’s even worse than when the clocks went back or forwards or whatever they did a few weeks ago! Happy VE Day, everyone.

I’ve decided that although I do love Didsbury and I love living exactly where we live, it’s not very communal. There is absolutely nothing going on here today – no bunting, no socially distanced party, no fancy dress, no dancing, no nothing. You could argue that I haven’t done anything to arrange anything or decorate our house but I’m having a break from tidying coconuts.

I commented to Dave about The Red Devil’s being amazing and how talented they were to fly so close. I was reminded that they are The Red Arrows and The Red Devils were altogether different!

I was getting quite cross watching the news about a “we’ll meet again” singalong. Many of the people were not demonstrating social distancing and too many of them were standing way way way too close. I can’t believe that the various news channels didn’t pick up on it and the commentary was all patriotic and tear-jerky but should have been admonishing everyone. We are still in lockdown, people.

Don’t you just love the internet! It really has helped to make the world a smaller place. I think it is utterly fantastic that I can sit in the garden and on my phone can sort out birthday cards, presents and balloons for friends & family anywhere in the world.


Similarly, my cousin’s daughter has just emigrated to Australia and there was a lovely post showing them both joining in a Makaton choir as if they were still living round the corner. There are definitely some massive advantages to all this new fangled technology.

I loved that the Queen said our streets are not empty, they are filled with love. How true and how lovely.

My List: I’ve chosen my new book and it is Don’t You Forget About Me by Mhairi McFarlane but I won’t start it until tomorrow; & Modern Family (obvs!)


My Lowlight: There were waaaayyyyy too many people out today and why on Earth are they out in Trafalgar Square and the Cenotaph? Well, I know why they are out, as it is VE Day, but they really shouldn’t be out.


My Highlight: Reading my book in the garden with a glass of fizz in my hand and the sun on my face listening to Radio X – bliss! I finished “The Woman Who Stole my Life” and gave it 4/5. It didn’t quite get a 5 as it wasn’t lol funny and was poignant in parts. I love reading Marian Keyes and she has a great way of describing the general fuckwittage of life.


My Anxiety Level: Horizontal!


Brilliant – it’s only Saturday tomorrow and the weather is supposed to be glorious again. Happy sunny Day 47!


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