Oooh, by the time Monday came, I was actually quite excited to be going to work as I am really beginning to enjoy this job. It’s a bit strange working in an industry that I’ve never been in before but there are so many similarities, it is untrue. I suppose that people are people at the end of the day and I am meeting with the big boss next week so could well be sacked by then so will enjoy it while I can!

Bank Holiday Monday came as a bit of a surprise as I’d completely forgotten it and it is great that I get paid for it rather than losing a day as usual. See, there are some upsides to being a pseudo-permie.

I still can’t quite bring myself to think of myself as a full-on permie as this means my business has failed. I know it’s adapting for survival of the fittest and all that but for the first time ever I felt like I’d reached my potential. Rightly or wrongly, I took a great deal of value and self worth from it and hopefully the market will pick up next year but I really do hate this virus with a passion. With talk of increasing the corporation tax to 24%, I am not sure being self-employed will be worth it any more. To say I am frustrated is an understatement as I can’t actually claim any help from the government but I’d be one of the small companies left to help to fill the great big Covid hole.

I needed to go to Glasgow on Thursday and decided not to drive but to go on public transport as I wanted to do it in a day but couldn’t face 7 hours driving.

The journey wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it was going to be but it still wasn’t great and my glasses were constantly steamed up so it was hard to see. In order, I took a tram just after 6am followed by 2 trains, a taxi, a 3 hour meeting, 3 trains and 2 trams to get home just before 8pm. WOWEE! KNACKERED!

I was so glad that one of my friends recommended taking several masks to change regularly as they are a bit smelly after a few hours. I had hand sanitizer, tissues and wipes galore but need to add chewing gum/breath freshener and water to the list for next time.

Largely, it was socially distanced and the booked seats worked well as there were lots of gaps but I really wasn’t too happy with the free-for-all, every man for themselves approach on Northern Rail. Plus, their carriages smelled of wee or maybe it was just cheap disinfectant.

Mum & dad have definitely got a new lease of life with clear (ish) test results, driving, ordering a new car and lockdown lifting a bit. They are very happy and jolly on our FaceTime calls and we laugh a lot. It is fabulous to see and be a part of but I’d just like a hug.

It was my cousin’s wedding anniversary this week and I was reminiscing about how thin I was as her bridesmaid and how it was a lovely day all round. I did a quick calculation and realised it was 32 years ago – where on Earth did all that time go.

Our big excitement this week was that we had a table booked for lunch on Saturday in Gusto in Didsbury. We are always well looked after by Sean and the team and this week was no exception. Dave & I had a gloriously boozie lunch and felt very safe. The food was delicious and tasted even better as it was the forbidden fruit that has been denied for so long. Fizz, red wine and cocktails later, we toddled home for a little sleep and then a Succession, Sex Education and Modern Family mini-marathon.

To be fair, other than a few minor amendments, I’m very happy with lockdown and think that I will struggle with when things go back to normal-normal, that’s if they ever do. All the time away from home will be a chore.

I am definitely chilling out a bit as I am getting much better at saying no and just ignoring other people and their odd breakages of the rules. I get that everyone is just fed up but we still have quite a way to go until we are out of the woods.

The one set of people that I have no sympathy for is people who have decided to take the risk and go on a foreign holiday knowing there is a high chance of quarantine when they return. Then, when there is quarantine or when they have been told they need to self isolate as people on their flights have tested positive for Covid-19, they whinge. They have no right to whinge so suck it up, buttercups.

The world is definitely becoming a nicer place as the lady in the nail bar said, “Hello, Amanda! Would you like to choose your colour and please have a seat” instead of the usual barking instructions. See, you don’t have to look very far to see the good in lockdown!

My list: I’ve added some more stickers into my scrapbook and I need even more but it’s been lovely whiling away several hours remembering all the lovely things I’ve seen and done over the last 30 years. I’ve also watched The Crown by myself but not read any of my book. I suppose you can’t do everything.

My lowlight: I had a comment on my blog for the first time this week about the Longborough opera but it made me sad as the lady is a carer so can’t afford the tickets anymore and she lives in Longborough. It would be good if Longborough give away some cheaper tickets but I think they are going to struggle as they are trying to survive. Lose-lose all round.

My highlight: I had a review of my medication with the doctor this week and they have taken me off one of my tablets. My cholesterol is still a bit high and I need to stop eating so many sweets but all going in the right direction – YAY!

Week 23 went by in a flash and the nights are drawing in which is only to expected as it happens every year. We are having the same boy/girl conversation that is happening all over the UK about the heating – let’s just say that I won’t be putting on socks and extra jumpers any time soon!


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