Welcome to the world said the headlines as the Manchester Evening News splashed the story that the ten combined authorities were considering bidding for the 2025 World Expo.
Hats off to them but surely curtains for the career of whoever tipped them off after the private discussions. One can assumed that Sir Howard will already be preparing the manacles.

If that was a surprise, surely more so was the news of where it would be located, Ashton Moss.For those not familiar with this part of the East, the Moss is exactly what it says on the tin, but slowly being transformed since Metrolink’s line cut through it with cinemas, hotels and the usual paraphernalia of modern consumerism.

The Moss was one of many that surrounded Manchester due to a quirk of geology which began to be drained when two hundred acres of bog were reclaimed in the 1830s producing at one time some of the best and earliest celery in the country, along with radishes, lettuce and various other salad crops all funded by the Earl of Stamford.
There is a long way to go, not least getting the approval of Theresa May’s anti Northern Powerhouse stance, but we can still dream of millions from around the world stepping on what was once glacial meltwater pools. 

The August Bank Holiday weekend brought Pride to Manchester, good, but also three days off would produce its usual incidents of violence, a fatal stabbing in Eccles being the worst as well as another stabbing in Harpurhey.

As the month of August came to an end, a wet one but not as wet as June when a colossal 176mm fell, St Peter’s Square tram stop reopened, we’ll sort of as commuters are forced to run the gauntlet of drilling, paving, concreting and tarmacing but at least you can now get from Piccadilly to Chorlton without using your legs.

A touch of Spain has arrived in Albert Square as I write this, About Manchester are sampling a range of Riojas courtesy of Marques de Caceres.

Sad to see that Filthy Cow is closing in Tib Lane.I remember well interviewing Jordan just a month before she opened. She was definitely an enthusiastic young entrepreneur but it sounds as though things haven’t quite worked out, probably not helped by the tram works on Cross Street.
In Sport, both our Premiership Clubs have maximum points after their first three games, Manchester United discovered that they will have to journey into the heart of a war zone as part of their European campaign.

But About Manchester eyes will be firmly fixed this weekend at the events at Cheadle Town of the Hallmark Security League First Division who take on Trafford away in the 1st Qualifying Round of the FA Cup having already come thru two rounds and defeating the mighty Northwich Victoria last time out


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