Manchester Councillor and City Centre spokesman Pat Karney is welcoming the increase in fines for those organising illegal raves contrary to Covid regulations.

Those organising illegal raves, unlicensed music events or other unlawful gatherings of 30 people or more will face a £10,000 fine. People attending will be fined £100, while those who have already been fined could see the amount double for every offence, up to a maximum of £3,200.

Karney told the Sunday Times that the £10,000 fines were “great” news, but added: “To be honest I wish it was £50,000. The problem isn’t going to go away. While the nightclubs are shut, the drug dealers need a marketplace. I suspect autumn and winter might see more attempts at illegal warehouse raves.”

Greater Manchester has seen some of the largest raves in the country during the pandemic.

Back in June, more than 6,000 people attended illegal raves in Daisy Nook Country Park and Carrington. Since then, Manchester has operated a zero-tolerance policy on raves and organised house parties.

This weekend has seen a concerted effort by Greater Manchester Police to clamp down on illegal gatherings


  1. This is the classic British way to bring the people against each other. To introduce fines at all when it is supposed to be a war for ALL, government and people against the harm of the virus! Once fines are introduce that sets a precedence of the “them and us” psyche where everyone openly, or subconsciously must be part of one camp.
    Increasing fines to individuals or businesses can and only will increase the importance of division and thats where we are now in Britain.
    The awful irony of all this is that lockdown had only the least, minimal effect on protection by hiding as that is what it is based on to hide most people until either the ridiculously fanciful idea that a vaccine would be available within months shows up lockdown to just delay the inevitable. At least half of the working population went as so dubbed “key workers” necessary of course, but whom would allow spread if the virus between them and bring it home to those actually isolating and we know lockdown flattened no graph peak on its steep rise nor its longer shallow angle decline, and at the second worst in the world for deaths per million of population in the UK shows that we have had all the deaths we would have had without lockdown.
    Sweden further supports this as by comparison per capita actually had less deaths than the UK with no lockdown.
    But what HAS happened is that the uninhibited rise in deaths, the sharp peak (unflattened) and the steady decline all the way to a low seen before the outbreak got its hold shows there is a considerable measure of “herd” immunity present.
    So there’s that awful irony that those holding street parties NOW are ACTUALLY helping fill out the remaining much needed fuller immunity in the community sooner. Every time we now lockdown is just delaying that very important factor before we have our usual addition of flu and colds in the oncoming winter.
    So while Johnson has earlier told shielded people its fine to come out whilst seeking to punish the people for helping complete immunity, it is Johnson and cabinet who are encouraging death, not the by and largely younger people at the parties building our immunity.
    Its a no brainer that I, at this late juncture, my chosen “side” is to back those building immunity now rather than it be allowed to mix with colds and flu of winter!


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