Work on restoring Buile Hill Manor will be delayed at least for another year as £800,000 set aside for the project will instead be used to buy much needed big wagons

Meanwhile City Mayor Paul Dennett has reassured residents that Salford City Council’s commitment to restoring Buile Hill mansion remains as strong as ever.

He repeated his promise that, although a suitable proposal for bringing the mansion back into use will not happen this year because of the pandemic, finding a long-term suitable use for the building remains a top priority for the city.

The Georgian designed Grade II listed building has been unoccupied for over twenty years and remains boarded up despite various plans over the years to turns the 1938 building into hotel,or a community hub

“Due to the pandemic and economic downturn, it is clear that the external funding we hoped for will not be made available this financial year. Therefore, we have to pause, but not abandon our plans,” added the Mayor

“That’s disappointing but we will not give up and it does not mean the council is any less committed to renovating the mansion despite COVID and other pressures we are facing.

We will review the situation when we come to set next year’s capital budget but the council’s intentions with regards to the building have not changed at all and we are still willing to pledge the £1.5 million to the building once a viable use has been found. We will continue to work closely with local residents throughout this process.


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