Every single person who knows anything about slot games must have come across these two names before: ‘NetEnt’ and ‘Starburst’. Starburst is one of the most popular video slot games ever created. It was made by NetEnt, which is, by far, the most popular casino software developer company in the world. 

Since there are thousands of unique slot games out there you can play, many rightfully ask how Starburst became so popular. Moreover, many wonder if this game deserves to be considered one of the best ever. 

Personally, we have no reservations when it comes to Starburst and believe that its podium position is well earned. Check out some of the reasons why we think that.

Stunning Graphics

The appearance and graphics are the first things you notice when you load any slot game. Starburst leaves a fantastic first impression on any player because of its smooth graphics and colourful design. 

Since the game is called Starburst, the reels are placed in space, so you can see the vast universe behind them. Moreover, there are numerous animations that play whenever you make a move, which significantly adds to the positive experience. If you want to see this for yourself, you can play Starburst slot game online on Prime Slots.

Straightforward Gameplay

Many slot developers try to make complex games, jam-packed with innovative bonus features and special symbols. If done right, these can improve the game. However, they often just make the game more complicated, which makes players look elsewhere. 

Instead, Starburst has just seven symbols, plus one Wild symbol. It’s played on five reels and only 10 paylines, so the winning mechanics are very simple. Its only bonus feature is the Wild reel with bonus respins, but less is more in this case. 

Great for Budget Players and High Rollers

Not many slot games out there are ideal both for those on a tight budget and for high rollers who spend hundreds of dollars in one sitting. But Starburst slot can be played for as little as 10p or for as much as £100 per one spin. 

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you want to play for a long time and not risk losing a lot of money, or you want to risk big to win big — Starburst is the right game for you. That’s one of the reasons why this slot is one of the top games on the House of Fun website.

Frequent Payouts

NetEnt’s Starburst is a low-to-medium volatility game, which is what a lot of players prefer. This means that the game pays out small wins pretty frequently. Therefore, these frequent wins motivate players to keep spinning the reels. 

Moreover, the fact that there are not many bonus features also helps. Before a bonus feature is activated, there usually needs to be a certain number of non-winning spins, which is not the case with Starburst. 

High RTP

Apart from the gameplay, what players care about the most when it comes to slot games is the RTP. NetEnt is well known for being generous when it comes to the RTP percentages in their slot games. Starburst, with its 96.1% RTP, is no exception to this rule. 

Therefore, this video slot game is not just fun, dynamic, and simple to play, but it’s also worth the time, effort, and money put into playing it. 

Created by NetEnt

As we have already mentioned, Starburst is created by NetEnt —one of the most successful software developers in the entire iGaming industry. NetEnt is one of the main reasons for the rise of social gaming since it creates some of the best games for online casinos. 

When players see a game made by NetEnt, they immediately know that it provides value, fair gaming conditions, and lots of unconditional fun. Therefore, that is one important factor why Starburst slot is as popular as it is today. 

Less Is More Attitude

Finally, NetEnt has realised that less is more when it comes to slot games. Their developers have obviously done their homework and identified all the essential features that a successful slot game needs to have. They made sure to include just those features, bring them to perfection, and offer them to players. Obviously, the approach was a big success.


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