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As an entrepreneur, there are some tech tools that can make your life easier. They can improve efficiency, productivity, and could even make you more profitable. It doesn’t matter if you are a small or large venture, there are tools available that can be vital to your success. Let’s go over five big ones.

Data Storage and File Sharing

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It is essential that, as you develop ideas, communicate, and manage your financials, your data is secure and easily accessible to business partners, clients, and employees.

Many applications offer cloud storage, which often features automated backups as an easy way to save your important data. Simply decide the size of storage needed to store your data and enable the automated backup feature. If you need more storage space, most cloud applications allow you to easily upgrade your plan.

One great application is Dropbox. It’s easy to use and works on any mobile device as well as desktops. It enables you to specify who you will share your files with, and the basic version with 2 gigabytes is free. Fees for additional storage are quite reasonable. Dropbox is just one of many great data management programs to explore.

Even with cloud data storage systems, it is advisable to regularly backup all your data to a removable device and store it securely.

Cyber Security

Effective and quality protection doesn’t have to be expensive, and there are some excellent options available to you. With so much depending on the internet, every business needs a quality antivirus security program to handle difficult, evolving malware threats such as ransomware.  Falling victim to malware after the fact can cost you data, customers, money, and give your business a bad image. The National Cyber Security Centre has many excellent resources to help guide you.

One of the golden rules of keeping your network and systems safe is to make sure everyone in your business knows; do not open suspicious emails or attachments, especially if they are from unknown sources. Malicious emails are one of the most common avenues of allowing cyber threats to infiltrate.

Online Presence

Having a  website can be a major driver for your business. For many customers, it’s the first place they will look to research your company. It gets your information into homes and offices, replacing the old-school mailers, and catalogs. Find a web designer or craft one in-house. A cleverly crafted website is affordable and gets you out there.

Social Media Management

An important consideration is how you want to project your business on social media. Getting potential clients talking and interacting within the framework of social media can drive your business in a very positive way. There are a number of outside services that can do this for you, or, you may elect to work this in-house.

When it comes to tech tools for entrepreneurs, some can be extremely useful. Others can be essential to your survival as a business. Taking advantage of these resources only makes good sense.


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