The role that our surroundings play in our everyday wellbeing is significant. While a fresh lick of paint would necessarily induce euphoria, a home that you feel positive and comfortable living in is vital to general wellbeing. Your home is where you relax and spend time with your loved ones, so it’s important that your living space is as conducive to personal happiness as possible. You don’t need to be a millionaire with access to the biggest names in home design in order to create an uplifting living space, all you need is a few simple tips and tricks.

It’s All About the Lighting

As human beings, our access to light has proven effects on our mood and general wellbeing. You should, as a first priority, ensure that you have done all you can to maximise your home’s exposure to natural night. This could mean removing blinds or rearranging furniture that may be blocking out the sun. There’s only so much you can do to increase natural lighting, so the next necessary step is to install the right interior lighting for your home. Consider bright LED lights and sleek wall lights from specialist retailers such as with quirky designs in order to brighten up your home and your mood, and don’t be afraid to experiment with wall lights uk to see what kind of illuminations you can create. The right amount of light will help stave off bad moods year-round, so don’t shy away from going all out.

Colours Are Key

The colour scheme of your home is key to the moods it will inspire. Naturally, a home with dark, dingy colours will not necessarily feel uplifting, but it’s more about using the right combinations rather than just the right tones. Consider light, pale tones of blue to invoke a tranquil atmosphere, perhaps combined tastefully with tones of white or light grey. For certain areas such as the bedroom you’ll want colour combinations that invoke a feeling of warmth, so various reds, yellows and oranges are your friends. Colour psychology is immensely powerful, so try to use it to your advantage wherever possible.

Bring the Outside In

A disconnection from the natural world can have detrimental effects on anybody’s mood. We are at heart natural creatures, so constant access to greenery is an absolute must for any home. Consider plenty of low-maintenance plants such as succulents or palms in order to bring a more natural and inviting feel into your house. Fresh flowers in a central area such as the living room coffee table or kitchen island can also have a dramatic effect on mood, with the added benefit being you can see your floral arrangements as a regular project to keep you occupied. The opportunity to nurture plant life should also boost your wellbeing levels.

There is no silver bullet when it comes to combating low mood levels. However, wellbeing is a process which must be continually worked on, and creating a livable situation for yourself at home will help fortify you against future grey spells. 


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