Independent Manchester based publishing house, iNostalgia, announces the launch of three new cultural & historical books: Women in Wartime, Manchester Then and Now, Liverpool and Merseyside Then and Now – each one making the perfect Christmas gift for those fascinated by the modern history of the north-west.

Written by Clive Hardy & Deborah Linton, Women in Wartime, describes the experiences of British women in the Second World War from 1939-1945. Only two weeks after the UK joined World War II, the British Government announced plans for the gradual drafting of at least one million women into war work. British women were expected to join the war effort and were encouraged to step into manual work. This fascinating book provides an insight into these women’s lives, at a pivotal point in national and international history. Women in Wartime invites the reader to witness these amazing women working through photography, and contains 200+ unique images from the Mirrorpix Archive.

iNostalgia’s second and third books, Manchester Then and Now and Liverpool and Merseyside Then and Now, both written by Malcolm Pheby, exhibit and document the architectural and cultural changes that have occurred in recent years. Manchester Then and Now invites the reader to rediscover Manchester’s living history. The book offers a fascinating portrayal of people, places and events from bygone years, using photography to compare some of the city’s much loved landmarks and locations.

Liverpool and Merseyside Then and Now, is the first of its kind to demonstrate the dramatically changing landscape of Liverpool. Through beautiful photography, Liverpool and Merseyside Then and Now, takes us on a visual journey; revisiting its rich cultural history, and documenting the development and modernisation of Liverpool and Merseyside, to the city as we know it today.

Perfect for history lovers, all three books bring history to life, by providing a unique and fascinating insight into the events that shaped the world as we know it today. Limited edition, signed copies will make for a wonderfully thoughtful gift this season giving friends, family and loved ones a piece of history they can treasure for the years to come.


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