The MP for Stalybridge and Hyde, Jonathan Reynolds has received confirmation from Transport for Greater Manchester if the case for the extension of Metrolink from Ashton to Stalybridge can me made it will receive consideration

The MP has been campaigning for some time now believing that  it would boost the economy of the area and improve local connections and job opportunities.

Writing on his Facebook page, he said,

”I’m interpreting this letter as a cautious confirmation that if TfGM can make the case for the resource, trams for Stalybridge could be on the cards.I’ll keep campaigning til we get to ride on the first one”

Yesterday saw an Adjournment Debate in the House Of Commons on the extension of the Metrolink system in Greater Manchester.

Led by Oldham MP Jim McMahon, the Adjournment Debate in Parliament calling for a renewed vision for Greater Manchester’s public transport system.

He called on the Government to support the work of Transport for Greater Manchester, local councils and the Mayor Andy Burnham by giving the city region the resource to, in particular, extend the current Metrolink system.

Jesse Norman MP, Parliamentary Undersecretary for Transport, responded to Mr McMahon.

He highlighted the success and importance of the Metrolink stystem in improving connectivity across the City region, but stopped short of promising any new resource for improvements.

As important as the connections in and out of Manchester city centre are, so too are the orbital links connecting the boroughs around Greater Manchester, beyond the city of Manchester. We should be ambitious; we need to create a transport vision that will guide us for decades. It is important that we now take on that responsibility for the next generation, and plan that far ahead.



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