Friends don’t let friends wear comb-overs! If you have a good friend that’s in need of some subtle advice about his bald patch, here’s a guide to telling him straight up – but in the kindest way possible.

Whether you’ve had a hair transplant yourself or not, your friend’s impending baldness is best handled sensitively. While you may have the kind of 30 year friendship where you insult each other constantly, or you’re 99% certain he’s got a great sense of humour and can take it on the chin when you tell him his hair loss is becoming noticeable, do remember:

Many men experience stress when they start to lose their hair. A few can even experience serious mental health problems because of it, and it’s impossible to predict who might feel extremely down about their hair loss. Men hide their feelings well, especially about things like their appearance. So leave the hilarious insults and jokes at the door, and start a natural conversation with your friend about celebrity hair transplants.

Pick a couple of celebrities that have had a hair transplant and look great. If your friend is a sports fan, there is bound to be someone in his favourite sport that has had an excellent and natural transplant. Actors and musicians over 50 often have this procedure, and even celebrity alpha males like Gordon Ramsey have had some surgical help with their hair. Choose somebody that you know he will relate to, and mention how great that guy’s hair looks.

Your friend might not know an awful lot about the procedure, so be prepared to do a little myth-busting. Some people believe that hair transplants look unnatural, or they’re prohibitively expensive – especially because of how newspapers like to report on the star’s expensive treatments in top UK clinics. Ten thousand pounds isn’t an unusual sum for a transplant at a top clinic, but let him know that the hair transplant Turkey market is far cheaper, and still offers top class treatments. Cosmetic surgery tourist Company MedAway based in London, are experts at finding the right clinics and accommodation, and can even sort out travel and transport, all for far less than you would pay at home.

Be prepared for your friend to be unconvinced at first, and know that it’s not your job to convince him on the spot. Many men think about a hair transplant for months or even years before they commit to one. The fact that you have planted the seed and given him some hope for hair regrowth is enough. 


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