Wondering how to start selling on the biggest e-commerce platform in 2022 and beyond? If so, you are in the right place!

You may ask yourself, ‘Am I too late to this Amazon party? Or ‘haven’t all the ‘winning’ goods already been taken?’ No! Many options exist to make money with Amazon FBA, mainly if you use the proper Amazon FBA software. This article explains a few tips on getting started on the platform.

Let’s get right to it.

Develop Your Business Strategy

To start an Amazon FBA company, you should have a clear plan to ensure everything is on track. The business strategy has to include your brand’s mission statement, services, market and products analysis, financial estimations, sales strategy, and so on.

Think of Your Category

To sell on the marketplace, you need to first identify a proper category that will bring profits. Research the market and spot relevant products and trends aligned with your passion and interests. To become viral on the market, try to think out of the box regarding your product’s selling point or features.

Do Product and Market

As soon as you determine your category, you should validate it in the marketplace via market research. Monitor your competitors’ performance over time. Tracking other sellers will give you a more accurate analysis of the niche, segment, or market. You can also leverage various keyword research software for Amazon merchants.

Find and Build Relations with Suppliers

Talk to various suppliers and customers to find out their reviews on the products. You may contact retail malls to learn what goods are being disposed of at steep discounts or in bundled offers. Buy these at a low price and resell them at a lower discount.

Get in touch with wholesale distributors to negotiate special terms and create a long-term partnership. You might need to buy a few items within a specific period. There also might be a minimum order quantity rule.

Place Orders

When you’ve selected your supplier, you will need to place orders. In most cases, your first order should be small to test the waters and collect relevant client feedback. It’s a great way to learn about the market for your goods.

Register an AMZ Seller Profile 

If you don’t have an active seller profile, you must first sign up for one. There are two kinds of profiles available: individual and professional sellers. The first one is free, but you will need to pay a $0.99 fee for each product you sell on the platform. Instead, the professional plan provides additional features and costs $39.99 monthly.

Add Product Listings

Once you’ve created an account, your next step in understanding how to sell goods on Amazon is compiling product listings. For each product, you may create a separate product listing or add an item to an existing one. The pre-existing list means you can look for an item similar to yours and find the AMZ listing.

Manage Your Inventory

AMZ automatically tracks its inventory, reducing product count as items are sold off. You might manually adjust stock by changing available units via your Seller Central account. Use bulk uploads and inventory feeds to manage your inventory. You may also benefit from third-party software notifying you about the out-of-stocks.

Bottom Line

Becoming a seller on Amazon can help you get additional income for the business and find a new client base you wouldn’t collect on your own.

While the steps to operate in the marketplace are relatively simple, success takes choosing the right items and carefully optimizing product listings. Even after witnessing success, moving ahead needs constant maintenance.

Initially, your concentration on selling goods on the platform should be on getting seller feedback to build trust and social proof. Next, keep in mind to track your listings and benefit from third-party tools, advertising services, and AMZ affiliates at your disposal.


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