As NYFW ties up and we get a glimpse of what’s to come for the end of the year, it’s time to give that wardrobe a refresh. But tackling that clothing rail can feel like a mammoth task so here’s how to go about refreshing it for the new season:

Start outside

Safe to say, it’s still jacket weather until the end of April, so start by refreshing your coat rack and chucking out your old jacket for something new. Military jackets are having a moment, with camo print, structured shoulders and oversized pockets all taking charge.

We’re loving the range from Superdry, with styles updated regularly featuring military style patches, strong collars and easy to wear shades including khaki, navy and tan.

Put the boot in

If you don’t own a good pair of boots, a new season is the opportunity you needed to sort this out. Ankle boots work for day and night – whether you’re starting out at the office and then meeting the lads in town or chilling in the day then taking that girl out for dinner in the evening at the weekend.

Check the rails

It’s a good idea to take a look at what’s already hanging in the wardrobe, taking out the stuff you haven’t worn for six or more months. If you don’t have any reason to wear it anytime soon it can go in a charity bag or on eBay to sell. Clearing space in your wardrobe can give you the motivation to have a refresh.  

Forget the baggage

Piling your pockets with everything from your phone to your wallet to your keys and everything in between can weigh you down. A  backpack is the perfect ‘carry all’ that looks good and keeps everything you need in one place.

Step into the new season with a brand new accessory that can go with you everywhere – whether you just need a bag for work, weekend shopping or if you’re heading abroad and want a good looking carry on. Black is easy to style up but if you want something that always looks good no matter what your vibe is that day then a patterned style or lighter colour works.

Mix and match

Have a fave print shirt you never wear because you don’t have the right trousers? Make it part of your wardrobe refresh this year to find something to pair this with. The same goes for a strong pair of shoes, shorts or a bold hat choice that you’re still a bit scared to wear. Mix and match your wardrobe, adding new things with the aim to support items that have rarely been worn.

Now that the new season is here, give your wardrobe a refresh right at the start and feel ready for the months ahead.



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